Death of Elvis Presley: imposed chastity, makeover… He formatted his wife Priscilla as he pleased!

Death of Elvis Presley: imposed chastity, makeover… He formatted his wife Priscilla as he pleased!

If millions of fans dreamed of it, being the wife of Elvis Presley was not obvious. Priscilla Presley testified in her interview for the Huffington Post American edition in 2015. The magazine vanity lounge immersed himself in the words of the King’s wife – until their divorce in 1973, four years before his death at the age of 42. In her confidences, the one who then became an entrepreneur, model, actress and writer had returned to her particular couple.

Forty-five years ago the beloved star of all America, Elvis Presley, passed away. The origin of the story of the singer and his wife goes back to when she was only 14 years old, presented with the approval of her parents to the one who is ten years older than her, during her military service in Germany. The lovers find themselves once reunited in America, the parents of the young girl having accepted that she join her lover. She accepted chastity for years, indulging in naughty games of erotic photos for example, because the King firmly wanted to marry a virgin woman, which does not prevent him from dating other women.

Dumped by Anita Wood at the end of 1966, Elvis married Priscilla a few months later. It was in 1967 that the couple said yes, before welcoming a year later Lisa Marie, only child of the lovebirds. In an interview with journalist-star Barbara Walters, the King’s wife recounts the transformation she has undergone. In the hands of professionals, Elvis now wants to makeover her, bye bye the wise schoolgirl : “he loves her with black eyes, impeccably brushed hair, a trendy look.

Taken aback by the woman she’s become

Quickly parents, the duo then faces the difficulties of Elvis to be the husband of the wife of his child: he doesn’t want to sleep with her anymore. “Disconcerted by the woman she has become, unable to find her kid, her beloved ‘Cilla’, the rocker locks himself in his dark moods, sometimes spends hours cloistered in the dark in his room, and indulges in quarter of an hour of unprecedented violence“, recount vanity lounge. In her diary, Priscilla recounts her painful moments and in particular of abandonment: “I made fun of myself last night. I wore a black babydoll, I lay down close to Elvis while he read. I kissed her hands, then each finger, then her neck, then her face. But I took too long… His sleeping pills had begun to take effect. Another lonely night.

Elvis Presley’s wife has to be a wife, a mother and to be rock’n’roll. She has to travel a lot to follow her husband on all his trips and at the same time endure his repeated absences, raising their child alone while he is content to spoil her. The love story officially ends when Elvis and Priscilla divorce in 1973. Despite everything, his ex-wife claims to have remained on good terms with him, for the best of their daughter and their descendants: “We remained friends until his death. We were always there for each other, it was a sweet relationship. The best compliment my daughter gave me was one day on TV: ‘As a child, I didn’t realize that my parents had divorced.

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