2-1, merci DeAndre Ayton et Chris Paul !

Deandre Ayton s’accorde avec les Pacers pour 133 millions sur 4 ans !


It was only a matter of time, and now the hourglass has delivered its verdict. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPNIndiana reportedly offered a four-year, $133 million deal to Deandre Ayton, whose relationship and future with Phoenix seemed pretty sour. The Suns now have 48 hours to react and potentially match this offer, or see their restricted free agent join the ranks of the Pacers.

Ooooh the little Woj Bomb of July 14 which is a pleasure. A simple notification capable of triggering a general panic in the Trashtalk team, which wonders how to manage the news while the editor’ chief is at the ball – happy new year 1984 – and the rest of the editors trying to put on pizzas or play shuffleboard while waiting for the fireworks. Still, it is not because the majority of France decides to stop working that Adrian Wojnarowski does the same. That’s why your favorite insider’s favorite revealed to us this Thursday night that Deandre Ayton has agreed to a four-year, $133 million max deal with the Pacers. Restricted free agent, the pivot of the Suns is not yet sure to land in Indiana. Why ? Since his contractual situation leaves Phoenix two days to align himself with this offer, otherwise the departure of the latter will be sealed without compensation. In addition, in order to be able to cash in on the arrival of such a contract, Indiana would have decided to separate from Duane Washington, as well as three players involved in the trade of Malcolm Brogdon: Malik Fitts, Juwan Morgan and Nik Stauskas. Also according to the Woj, Ayton’s agents had repeated several times in Arizona that their colt would find an offer of this caliber on the market, but the Suns never showed the slightest desire to offer him such a contract.

And casually, this is the most important offer sheet – contract offer from another team to a restricted free agent – ​​never on the table in the NBA. The previous record was held by Otto Porter Jr, who was offered $107 million over four years by the Nets before Washington matched the offer. Important clarification: once theoffer sheet signed, Phoenix will no longer be able to make sign and exchange with Ayton. And if the Suns match this offer, they will then have to wait until January 15 before being able to trade Deandre, and the latter will also be untransferable to Indiana for a year. Although they have therefore never shown any particular interest in retaining the pivot, the franchise should however align with theoffer sheet in order to avoid losing it without getting anything in return. And as if that weren’t already complicated enough, the latter will also benefit from the right to veto any trade for an entire year… oh bazaar. Inevitably, with this news, eyes are even more on Myles Turner, whose departure will still be in question if Ayton does not land in Indiana soon. As a reminder, the first pick of the 2018 Draft was shooting 17.2 points and 10.2 rebounds at more than 63% shooting on average last season. Honorable statistics, but which were not enough for the staff of the Suns, unhappy with the real impact of their pivot on the game but also with his involvement. A data that weighs very heavily at a time when Phoenix is ​​a stone’s throw from being able to touch the NBA title.

After a failed last Playoffs campaign, ending in Game 7 where Ayton spent almost the entire second half on the bench, the break seemed to have taken place between the two parties. Nevertheless, unless the Woj is mistaken, the pivot should therefore stay in Phoenix next season with the aim of regaining value with a view to a possible transfer in 2023 or, who knows… seduce Arizona again!

Source text: ESPN

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