Dataviz, a fake news factory?  - Jean Marketing > E-marketing TV

Dataviz, a fake news factory? – Jean Marketing > E-marketing TV


From visual information to propaganda, there is only one step that can be taken very quickly with Data visualization! And that’s why the Dataviz is one of your favorite tools!

Hello my little marketers! While the electoral campaign is in full swing, an infographic by our colleagues at Liberation particularly caught the attention of data visualization experts,

Dataviz in the language of small marketers!

That is to say the presentation of data in a visual way, in order to facilitate their interpretation. A technique that is used and abused blithely in marketing departments.

But not only !

The proof: In response to Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to push back the retirement age to 65, the daily Liberation posted a shock graphic on the front page, with this sensational headline: At the age of retirement, 25% of the poor are already dead!

News or fake news? Not that easy ! So today, my little marketers, we’re going to focus on the magical powers of the Dataviz!

It is an understatement to say that the front page of Libé made dataviz experts like Denis Fonteneau at JellyFish see red. So he took up his finest pen to recall that, under scientific airs which give it an apparently indisputable legitimacy, a data visualization is always a commercial (or political) communication tool, subject to editorial choices.

And the expert to show that to stage the information, the journalists of Liberation have, for example, made the choice of a vertical format which makes it possible to bring out more strongly a contrast on the axis of the ordinates, that is to say here the unequal life expectancy between the poor and the rich!

Not very “fair”, friends. Especially since to accentuate the abyss effect, our little friends from Libé only retained the data relating to men, forgetting in passing that one in two men is a woman! And that in terms of life expectancy, women, including the poorest, are much better off than men!

Better, by retaining only the extremes, namely the richest and poorest 5%, they even managed to transform a small green run into an Olympic downhill!

Well, in short, you will have understood it, from visual information to propaganda, there is only one step that can be taken very quickly! And that’s why Dataviz is one of your favorite tools, my little marketers!

It must be said that the presentation of information in visual form offers unparalleled power. According to MIT, it only takes 13 milliseconds for our brain to process an image. And according to researchers at the University of Minnesota, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Human vision has the same bandwidth, the same data transfer rate, as a computer network.

Its sensitivity is 10 times greater than that of touch, and 100 times greater than that of hearing or smell. No wonder we are sensitive to attributes that jump out at us like color, saturation, lightness, texture, or the size, shape, and orientation of graphics.

But the great strength of dataviz is to feed the famous cognitive biases, the deceptive thought patterns designed to influence and distort the decisions of individuals.

By selecting only data that reflect a pre-existing point of view, we play on confirmation bias. Similarly, the clever use of a confounding variable makes it possible to play on the confusion between correlation and causality, the famous “stork effect” which establishes a correlation between the number of stork nests and that of human births!

We could also talk about the biases related to the choice of a bad sample, a misleading selection of data or a bad representation or even Simpson’s paradox. It is a statistical theory that reveals that a phenomenon observed in several groups is reversed when its groups are combined.

Incredible, no!

Come on my little marketers, that’s all for today, don’t hesitate to like this video, share it and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Hello my little marketers!

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