[Data et stratégie marketing] The inventory with the IDAIA Group

[Data et stratégie marketing] The inventory with the IDAIA Group


[Data et stratégie marketing]    The inventory with the IDAIA Group

Data has become an essential tool for companies in developing their strategy and in their decision-making. What are the issues around what is called the black gold of the 21st century? What solutions are currently available to companies to help them master data? We take stock with Marjolaine Martin, product marketing manager at Groupe IDAIA.

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How has data become essential in business decision-making in recent years?

Our customers come from diverse backgrounds: some are networks of brands, others major bancassurance players, and still others are mutual insurance companies. However, whatever the sector of activity, the observation is the same for everyone: the current context forces them to carry out immediate transformations to become or remain an essential partner for their customers. To adapt, companies have no choice but to offer ultra-personalized services, optimize their organization to increase productivity and performance, refocus their investments on high-potential sectors, etc., but also to prospect better to obtain better results. These changes require rapid decision-making. This is where data comes in. By drawing strong insights, it will allow reliable decisions to be made. However, companies do not always have tools allowing them to gather their data, have market information and generate easy-to-interpret data indicators.

What tools do you offer your clients to enable them to easily carry out this analysis?

There are several solutions, in particular the one offered by the datadrive® solutions platform, which provides access to essential information concerning its sector of activity, its customers, its prospects, its competitors and its spatial environment without having to travel, but also to cross-reference this data with that of his profession. More concretely, here is the type of information that can be accessed to analyze its environment: with regard to B2B data, companies can access turnover, the sector of activity, collective procedures, contact details of managers and decision-makers, or to networks of brands. For B2C customers, certain information such as centers of interest, level of wealth or newcomers can be easily consulted. Our IDAIA Lab unit, made up of experts in data processing (data scientists, statisticians, etc.), is constantly working to develop new indicators and predictive scores for our customers. These solutions make it easy to identify the opportunities and threats of its market as well as the strengths and weaknesses of its organization to facilitate decision-making.

In concrete terms, what have your customers been able to implement thanks to these tools?

There are many use cases and benefits. On the one hand, there are the customers who have been able to resolve their restructuring and location issues. For example, with us, a major player in the banking sector organized into local branches, was able to identify the origin of its customers to close branches and concentrate appointments on the main branches. This is also the case for a national network of crèches, for which the IDAIA Group’s solutions have made it possible to identify areas with development potential and thus make viable projects for setting up new structures. For Prevaly and CCMO, the use of our solutions has enabled the restructuring of commercial sectors by allocating the right resources. On the other hand, swimming pool customers manage their personalized prospecting campaigns at the local level. The company can now identify the neighbors of swimming pool owners, and therefore “swimming pool” sectors to offer them its services. The window expert has set up a system for welcoming new residents likely to invest in renovation. In general, the tools have enabled our clients to reach their prospects via different channels, including voice telephone (phoning), postal address, boxing, emails and sms. The lesson to be learned from these examples is that the new consumer habits of the French require brands to adopt a differentiated and omnichannel communication strategy.

Speaking of omnichannel, which communication channels stand out for communicating with customers? Which ones, and why?

We were able to observe that the email and sms channels were the preferred channels for customers to receive communications from the brands, a finding confirmed by a recent study by the E-marketing commission of the SNCD. With the Covid-19 crisis and the end of containment, the volumes of emails and text messages exchanged are naturally on the rise. It is for this reason that we have developed our own platform for creating emails and sms directly wired to our B2B and B2C data capital. The goal is for our customers to be able to route their campaigns independently and easily measure their performance.

More broadly now, what sets you apart on the market?

We have more than 30 years of data expertise, which has enabled us to accumulate a volume of data without equal on the market. Also, we are one of the few players to offer offers and services in the B2B and B2C segments, both based on statistical data under study and which can be activated in direct prospecting. Finally, the IDAIA Group is the only company in France to offer a complete and intuitive emailing and sms platform, directly wired to our B2B and B2C data capital.

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