Dans la douleur, Rennes lance enfin sa saison ! - Dbrief et NOTES des joueurs (Rennes 2-1 Ajaccio) - Football

Dans la douleur, Rennes lance enfin sa saison ! – Dbrief et NOTES des joueurs (Rennes 2-1 Ajaccio) – Football


First victory in Ligue 1 this season for Stade Rennais! After a defeat against Lorient (0-1) at the opening and a draw against Monaco (1-1), the Bretons took over Ajaccio (2-1) this Sunday, as part of the 3rd day.

Terrier quickly put his people on the path to success.

Rennes is finally launching its season! Long in contention for the podium during the last exercise, finally finishing in 4th place, Bruno Gnsio’s men waited for the 3rd day of Ligue 1 to win their first success in 2022-2023 against AC Ajaccio (2-1), this Sunday. And everything will not have been easy for Rennes, certainly dominating, but still just as feverish defensively. A team in the image of Theate, who conceded a penalty… before finally offering the three points to his team.

Terrier also launches its season

Stade Rennais had not yet really started its season, and neither had Terrier. Mute since the start of the championship, the one who finished the last exercise with 21 goals in Ligue 1 therefore wanted to shine in front of his audience. And he did! the initiative of the first Rennes situation, before testing Leroy twice, the French striker finally found the fault with a perfect shot from 20 meters (1-0, 18th), with a nice little bridge over Mangani from the action.

Subsequently, Bruno Gnsio’s men immediately sought a break. Just before the break, Kalimuendo also pushed the island porter to make a superb save to repel his curled shot. Would the ACA be doing well? Not really, because the Corsicans could have equalized in additional time on a stupid penalty conceded by Theate… and stopped by Alemdar in front of Mangani, following a successful first try by the former Angevin and canceled by the referee!

Ajaccio punishes Rennes, Theate catches up!

On returning from the locker room, Ajaccio did indeed end up punishing his opponent: Mangani delivered a ball love for El-Idrissy, who perfectly crossed his head (1-1, 57th)! A blow for the Rennais? Not at all, since Theate restored the advantage to his team five minutes later with a nice recovery lobe of the skull (2-1, 62nd). And the Belgian central defender almost offered the goal of the break to his colleague Bad in the crowd, but the latter did not manage to grab the target.

Hamouma answered him from behind, and Alemdar won. Definitely, since the Corsicans did not succeed in disturbing him afterwards, in an end to the meeting marked by the show of a visibly overwhelmed referee and the red card of Ugochukwu. It is therefore in pain that Rennes obtains this first success of the season in Ligue 1, but it does not matter: Gnsio will be satisfied with it, and the sensational entries of Doku, Dou and Sulemana at the end of the match show that it will still be necessary once count on the Bretons this season.

The score of the match: 6.5/10

A good Ligue 1 match between two teams obviously not at the same level. But the Corsicans made do with the means at hand, and they fought well. And we were treated to a spectacle, goals, tension and suspense: what are the people asking for?

The goals :

– Alert on the left side, Truffert finds Terrier in the axis. The former Lyonnais eliminates Mangani from a small bridge before deceiving Leroy with a perfect shot, close to the post (1-0, 18th).

– Shifted by Hamouma on the left side, Mangani delivers a ball love for El-Idrissy, who perfectly crosses his head in front of Alemdar (1-1, 57th).

– Five minutes later, from a corner, Bad deflects the ball at Theate, who perfectly lobs his header to restore the advantage to his team (2-1, 62′).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Martin Terrier (7/10)

He was expected, and he answered present. Silent during the first two Ligue 1 matches, Terrier unblocked his counter against the Corsicans thanks to a classy action. Found in the centre, 20 meters away, the former Lyonnais made a superb little bridge over Mangani before deceiving Leroy with a perfect shot, close to the post. We saw him less in the second half, but he was Rennes’ main danger today. Replace the 86th minute withMatthis Abline (no).


Dogan Alemdar (6): it certainly takes a long time to lie down on the crossed head of El-Idrissy, but Alemdar still saved his people just before the break by stopping Mangani’s penalty (after a first failure, editor’s note ). And at the end of the match, he held the barracks pretty well.

Hamari Traor (5): still present and available offensively, Traor has not had the same success defensively. Indeed, the rare Corsican chances came from his side, like the one that brought about the equalization of El-Idrissy in the second period.

Loc Bad (6): often exceeded in depth at the start of the match, Bad quickly rectified the situation and he was rather calm after the break. note, also, his deflection of the head for the Theate goal.

Arthur Theate (6): difficult to give the Belgian a very good mark, despite his winning goal. Because Theate caused a penalty as silly as it was useless at the end of the first period, and his placement left something to be desired on the goal of El-Idrissy.

Adrien Truffert (5): the image of Theate, the left side offered us good and less good. The good thing is this decisive pass for Terrier in the first period. The worst is this delay on El-Idrissy during the equalization of the Corsicans.

Benjamin Bourigeaud (5.5): given his immense talent, we expect more. Bourigeaud didn’t have a bad match against the Corsicans, but we got to know him much better. Replace the 63rd minute with Desire Dou (no)which delighted the public with several technical festivals.

Flavien Tait (5.5): just like Bourigeaud, Tait did not have his usual radiance in midfield despite his very good start to the match. Replace the 86th minute with Chimuanya Ugochukwu (not)sent off… five minutes later, and quite harshly, for an unintentional sole on Marchetti.

Baptiste Santamaria (7): Milan is not interested in him for nothing. Very valuable in recovery, Santamaria prevented – almost single-handedly – the Corsicans from bringing the ball out properly in the first period. He also blocked many opposing offensives in the second half. And it’s no coincidence that Gnsio left him on the pitch until the end.

Martin Terrier (7): see above.

Arnaud Kalimuendo (6): he certainly did not succeed in everything, but what generosity! His calls in depth hurt the Corsicans very badly, and above all they allowed his team to bring the ball out cleanly in certain hot situations. From now on, he has to improve in the last pass and the last gesture. Replace the 63rd minute with Jrmy Doku (no)whose piercings set Roazhon Park ablaze.

Gatan Laborde (5): a fairly discreet match for Laborde, who despite the rare opportunities that presented themselves to him in the first period. Replace 73rd minute with Kamal Deen Sulemana (no)which also made the spectators stand up on certain sequences.


Benjamin Leroy (6): five saves for two goals on which he can do almost nothing … Difficult to blame Leroy, who has long delayed the chance for the Corsicans.

Mickal Alphonse (5): desire and determination, but also spaces behind his back. Fortunately for him, Truffert, Terrier and Kalimuendo did not often manage to take advantage of it.

Oumar Gonzalez (4): a tricky game for the central defender, who was constantly caught deep by Kalimuendo. He made up for it with several good interventions in the aerial game.

Fernand Mayembo (5.5): Like Gonzalez, Mayembo reigned in the air today, and he even caused a penalty. But he had more ball in the duels on the ground. the image of this superb Dou roulette which should have earned him a second yellow card. Replace the 83rd minute with Clement Vidal (no).

I. Diallo (4): complicated performance for the Ajaccio right side, who had to wrestle with Traor and Bourigeaud throughout the match. And the latter made many differences on his side, without forgetting Doku at the end of the match.

Cyrille Bayala (3): a very discreet first act for the right midfielder, replaced in the 46th minute by Riad Nouri (4)which also failed to shine.

Vincent Marchetti (5.5): after a complicated first act, Marchetti recovered after the break. He showed his knowledge of the pass and placement, and it was also he who caused the opponent’s red card at the end of the match. Replace 90+2nd minute with Mathieu Coutadeur (not not).

Thomas Mangani (5.5): funny match for the former Angevin. It is first of all he who is too easily erased on the goal of Terrier, before the story of the penalty. Because Mangani did convert his first attempt, then the referee canceled his goal (because he hadn’t whistled a priori, editor’s note), forced him to withdraw and finally… find Alemdar’s gloves. He recovered afterwards with a decisive pass marvel for El-Idrissy. Replace 76th minute with Qazim Lai (no no).

Yanis Cimignani (3): Like Bayala on the right side, Cimignani went through the first act like a ghost on his left side. Replace the 46th minute with Kevin Spadanuda (5)which participates in the action of equalization.

Mounaim El Idrissy (6.5): a good match for the striker, who has not spared his efforts at the forefront. It was he who got the first opportunity in Corsica, finally annihilated by a superb comeback from Bad, and it was above all he who equalized after the break, on a fine uncrossed header!

Romain Hamouma (5.5): 35 years old, Hamouma has trouble taking depth but he remains valuable with the ball at his feet. Apart from a good volley pushed back by Alemdar, he did not manage to weigh on the opposing defense but it was he who shifted Mangani on the action of the equalizer.

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And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below!

RENNES 2-1 CA (mid-time: 1-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 3rd day
Stadium: Roazhon Park, Rennes – Referee: Hakim Ben el Salem Hadj, France

But : Mr. Terrier (18th) A. Theate (62nd) for RENNES – Mr. El Idrissy (57th) for AC AJACCIO
Warnings : L. Bad (45+1st), R. Salin (82nd), R. Salin (82nd), B. Santamara (82nd)for RENNES – Mr. El Idrissy (45+4th), F. Mayembo (79th)for AC AJACCIO

REINDEER : D. Alemdar – L.Bad, A. Theate – H. Traor, A. Truffert – B. Bourigeaud (D. Dou, 63rd), F.Tait, B. Santamara, Mr. Terrier – A. Muinga (J.Doku, 63rd), G. Laborde (K. Suleman, 72nd)

AC AJACCIO : B.Leroy – O. González, F. Songs – Mr. Alphonse, I. Diallo – C. Bayala (R. Nouri, 46th), V.Marchetti, T. Mangani (Q. Lai, 76th), Y. Cimignani – Mr El Idrissy, R. Hamouma

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