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Daniel Lévi hospitalized: his wife shares a disturbing message, the fans in shock!

On Torah-box, a call for help was launched by Sandrine Aboukra. For those who don’t know, it’s Daniel Levi’s wife! Why is this woman speaking urgently? However, we have just learned that she has just received excellent news. The singer’s spouse will become a mother for the fourth time in her life. However, she doesn’t seem totally happy. We explain to you!

Daniel Levi’s wife worries the public with her message!

At the end of July, bad news circulated about the state of health of Daniel Levi. We note that the artist’s wife announced that his condition was becoming more and more critical.

In addition, he could lose his life if it continues to worsen. Through her publication, the young woman wrote: “Urgent” followed by “Our friend, the singer needs our prayers more than ever to heal, now! “.

Daniel Levi suffers from what disease exactly? In 2019, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Following this news, he was immediately forced to undergo rigorous treatment for his recovery.

However, his body reacted badly to the treatment protocols. Which earned him his hospitalization last April! In addition, he had to undergo a delicate operation. He is currently undergoing his new treatment at home. Apparently, it looks like it’s not conclusive yet!

Sandrine Aboukra asks for our support!

In her alert, Daniel Levi’s wife announces that the artist’s new treatment protocol seems to be ineffective. For this purpose, the singer feels more and more badly! Faced with this situation, the young woman begins to lose hope and become depressed.

In other words, she no longer knows where to turn! His only current recourse remains to turn to religion. It is to highlight that members of this family are devout believers in Judaism.

Thus, to help them in this fight, the latter has sensitized all Internet users start a chain of prayer. She thinks that in this way Daniel Levi will soon achieve full recovery.

To do so, the artist’s spouse commented on the canvas saying: “Let’s pray together for his complete healing”. She added: “Let us mobilize and act immediately”! According to her, the singer of the ten commandments will need the support of everyone!

Daniel Levi: The young woman encourages her classmates in Judaism to join them!

Apart from the star’s fans, Sandrine Aboukra also turned to her friends in the Judaism community. She also enlisted their help.

Thus, Daniel Levi’s spouse asks the Association of Francophone Judaism torequiring women to perform the Mitzvah of Hafrachat ‘Hala.

This is a ritual on Shabbat to make a religious grievance. This is to ask for the healing of Daniel Levi!

At the same time, to make a maximum of Tehillim (psalms) in their prayer. In this way, their request will quickly have an answer from the very high in heaven !

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