Scams cryto : MetaMask entre en lutte avec une nouvelle mise à jour

Cryto scams: MetaMask enters the fight with a new update

Crypto scams are experiencing a new resurgence and MetaMask intends to put the hola with a long-awaited update.

A New Step in Crypto Transfers

While crypto scams have a hard tooth and continue to claim victims, the fight against cybercriminals has no respite. Despite the extensive warning that companies give their customers, the schemes of hackers and other scammers are still prolific. MetaMask has nevertheless decided to experiment with a new update.

This one is simple: it is a simple addition in the transaction process. Indeed, before his cryptocurrencies are sent to another crypto wallet, the sender will have to carry out an additional confirmation step. While there was previously an option to allow access to wallet funds automatically, now access will need to be approved manually. A dedicated window will then appear.

Source: OKHotshot Twitter account

Note also that a right revocation option is also possible. Holders of digital assets on MetaMask will therefore be able to secure their account immediately in the event of a dispute or theft.
This update is primarily intended for NFTs. It should at least prevent scammers from being able to take advantage of the victim’s entire portfolio. This new feature was announced on GitHub and users can already benefit from it.

Widely used for NFT trading, MetaMask is one of the first to be affected when an attack occurs. Thefts of non-fungible tokens are commonplace and there have been cases of criminals hijacking platform permissions in order to recover funds. Since then, the company has played on security, although this is partly the responsibility of users.

Still, the co-founders of MetaMask know one thing. While it is possible to fight against the scams that plague the crypto sector, it is impossible to prevent them from emerging. In an interview with Vice, Aaron Davis and Dan Finley returned to their doubts.

We cannot prevent people from creating Ponzi schemes on blockchains. It is, by definition, impossible for us to wrap it all in a unified arc and apply it in one direction. We can’t ban Ponzis, but we can deprive them of the precious oxygen that is exposure.

Extract from the words of the co-founders of MetaMask in their interview for Vice

For the two entrepreneurs, only one thing could curb the presence of scams: the change of perspective. The crypto sphere will be more secure and less attacked the day the community stops using cryptocurrencies to make money. The effort must be deployed on the side of the players, although the CEOs are calling for a return to basics, but also on the side of the investors who will have to be better educated. It is only through this that the general public will stop falling into the trap of scammers.


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