Cryptocurrencies: now integrates Google Pay for the general public

Cryptocurrencies: now integrates Google Pay for the general public


Buy crypto more easily – The cryptocurrency is gently invading all the compartments of daily life, and the payments are the first concerned. Web2 proponents like Google can no longer ignore the new features of Web3, and intends to make the transition with them. has made a lot of noise with a marketing strategy based in particular on sports sponsorship. Today the platform stands out by announcing a partnership with the California giant. Who benefits most from this agreement? Answer to follow in a few important points.

The platform lists no less than 250 coins different for about 50 millions of users. Known for its remarkable sponsorship in fields as varied as Formula 1, football and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, definitely bet on General public to keep growing.

In recent weeks, the Singapore-based exchange announced that it has approval from local authorities to practice in Italy, Greece, Singapore or Dubai. And to continue its expansion, what better than to rely on the 100 million of regular users of the Google Pay payment service!

Buy cryptos easily on with Google Pay, it’s now possible!

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And the Mountain View giant’s payment service is of increasing interest to cryptocurrency platforms…or is it the other way around? Already last April, Google Pay announced to be available on Gemini, just a few months after Coinbase, Bakkt or Nexo. And the appointment of former PayPal executive Arnold Goldberg to head Google’s payments division was probably already a sign.

Using the service will be extremely simple for those who previously used Google Pay, it will be enough to choose the right one means of payment at the time of the final transaction on A credit card will also need to be associated with the Google Pay account in question. There you go, all you have to do is shop in crypto! Is this a further step towardsadoption cryptos by the general public? The future will tell.

After the reconciliations from Bakkt and Google for the use of the Visa Card, from and Shopify and now from Google Pay with all these crypto-exchanges, it’s time for big maneuvers! Despite the gloomy atmosphere on the markets and the unfavorable economic situation, we build in the shadows and in discretion the giants of tomorrow. Some signs do not deceive and announcements like that of disney which suggests that the best is yet to come for the cryptocurrencies. Anyway, for some of them…

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