Cryptomonnaies et sponsoring : des milliards et une place de choix parmi les évènements interplanétaires

Cryptocurrencies and sponsorship: billions and a place of choice among interplanetary events

Growing cryptocurrency exchanges and up-and-coming crypto projects are fighting a fierce battle for visibility in the event industry.

Just like the latest Binance, exchanges and some cryptocurrency projects continue their relentless growth by gradually sponsoring many sectors of society. Even if sport remains the main target, exchange platforms are still seeking to diversify and are now displayed in cultural events and with high international visibility such as Binance and its recent presence at the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony in early April.

This significant collaboration testifies to the recent and growing attraction of players in the crypto sphere to appear in front of the general public in popular events on an international scale. This “foray” of Binance into the world of music is not just a fashion effect, since the collaboration could extend beyond the Grammy Awards between Binance and the Recording Academy, the organizing entity of this event. music event.

This partnership with the world of music is not new, since the FTX platform, through FTX Europe and FTX US, has already joined forces with certain musical festivals such as the Belgian Tomorrowland Festival, which receives almost a half a million visitors to each of its editions. A certain rush that we feel among some crypto exchanges, afraid to miss the best opportunities, as evidenced by the statement of the president of FTX US.

“If we stop at one deal and wait to see how it goes before making another one, the best opportunities could disappear. »

Brett Harrison, President of FTX.US

Omnipresent actors in the world of sport

More broadly, the world of sport remains privileged by all these blockchain players, given the frequency of events with high international visibility. Recently, the platform and FIFA notably formalized their partnership for the 2022 World Cup which will be played in Qatar at the end of the year; enough to optimize the international visibility of the platform. is therefore intensifying its presence in the world of sport after its partnerships with PSG or even in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, always through staggering sums. and FTX also seem to be adopting the most aggressive strategies in terms of sponsorship, with also contracts in the NBA for FTX to rename the enclosure of the Miami Heats in “FTX Arena” for many years. These platforms are also involved in the automotive world through F1 and the UFC ( or even the NFL (FTX) generally for sums of money that are difficult to reach for other sponsors linked to more traditional brands. .

makerplace NFT Sports

Crypto sphere sponsored stables for the majority

Formula 1 is also massively prioritized by certain exchanges or cryptocurrency projects with generalized collaborations between single-seaters and a player in the crypto world. We can notably find partnerships between Binance and Alpine, the Fantom Foundation with Alpha Tauri, Ferrari and Velas, Aston Martin and, Alfa Romeo and Floki, Red Bull and Bybit, FTX and Mercedes and finally Tezos and Mclaren. These agreements between single-seaters and crypto players are in addition to the contract between and the Formula 1 championship, already mentioned in this article.

When it comes to football, many teams take the world of cryptocurrency into consideration when establishing their partnerships. This is particularly the case for certain historic Italian clubs; Inter Milan and As Roma, who already proudly display the trademarks “” for Inter and “DigitalBits” for Roma on their jerseys. The Roman neighbor, Lazio Roma, for its part, has established a partnership with Binance and for the launch of the famous Fan Token, thus adding to an extensive list of historical football teams.

But still, although the Spanish giant FC Barcelona finally signed up with Spotify, it was another cryptocurrency player that was once sensed and considered: Polkadot, one of the main cryptoassets traded around the world. It’s probably only a postponement for the 14th cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, with a bright future for the sector. More recently, it was Liverpool who have been looking for future sponsorship, and the reds could very well turn to Blockchain.

Finally, the partnerships within the sport itself are expanding, with interplanetary events that are increasingly popular among the giants of the crypto sphere. While the football World Cup will be sponsored by, among others, which won the day, we can legitimately expect that the most watched sports competitions in the world such as the Summer Olympics and winter or even the Euro football and the Tour de France are in turn in close collaboration with the world of cryptocurrencies. For the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, a token has also already been launched by the Town Hall, called “Olympico”

The race for partnerships is intensifying between the main players in the world of cryptocurrencies, undoubtedly surrounded by the fear of not positioning themselves in force in events and losing the race for planetary visibility. In the meantime, that makes many happy, with all in all many billions of dollars being re-raised for those who partner with exchanges and the crypto world in general.


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