Opinion: Where Could Lebron James Take CRO Price?  Prediction and analysis Opinion: Where Could Lebron James Take CRO Price? Prediction and analysis


NBA star Lebron James sparked a lot of conversations today with his ad for (CRO-USD), with many speculating that the four-time champion could become an investor much like actor Matt Damon.

While it remains to be seen if Lebron James will do more than just advertise, the star athlete’s promotion of the platform behind the crypto CRO has also led many to speculate on where the price will go. assets in the coming months. Currently, CRO is trading at 48 cents, down about 50% from its all-time highs.

For unfamiliar investors, is a Singapore-based exchange that allows investors to buy, sell, and trade 150 cryptos. It also offers a cryptocurrency wallet, an NFT marketplace, and credit cards.

Here are several price predictions on the direction analysts see for the price of CRO in the months and year ahead.

CRO Crypto: price prediction

According to Cryptopredictions, the price of CRO will range between 59 cents and 88 cents during the first quarter of this year. This may interest you: Crypto Ripple (XRP): the price of XRP is soaring, a return to the top 5 cryptocurrencies is very likely!.

Analysts expect the crypto CRO to rise to 89 cents next in April. From there, it will continue an upward trend in May and June. During this period, CRO could reach a maximum price of 90 cents, according to the price prediction site.

Looking ahead, CryptoNewZ predicts that CRO will be worth up to $1.82 in 2025 and will reach $2.10 in 2026. Price predictions are based on detailed technical analysis by the site .

Next steps for

No one knows where CRO will end up eventually. But the support of Lebron James helps the stock Exchange of crypto-currencies to establish itself more in the general public and to develop its brand and its profile. Even though Lebron James does not take a stake in the exchange, his support and advertisements have a positive effect on

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