envoie par erreur 10,5 millions de dollars à une utilisatrice – La plateforme porte plainte pour récupérer ses fonds Mistakenly Sends $10.5 Million to User – Platform Files Complaint to Recover Funds

In May 2021, mistakenly transferred nearly $10.5 million to a user of the platform. The company realized their mistake 7 months later, and took the user to court to recover her funds.

A careless error that costs dearly

Unfortunately, it is common for users of MetaMask or other wallets to make annoying mistakes when executing a transaction. The syndrome of ” big finger » usually affects individuals who are new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, or seasoned traders who are too eager to complete a transaction.

This time, the victim of this syndrome is none other than the company Crypto.comwho inadvertently sent nearly $10.5 million to a user…

This mistake that should not have gone unnoticed for so long happened in May 2021 when the platform attempted to refund $100 to the user.

A platform employee would have entered the user’s account number in the “payment” tab of the transfer, which therefore corresponded to 10474143.

The colossal error of $10,474,143 was discovered during an audit of the company’s funds conducted on December 23, 2021. Seven months have passed before the company realizes its mistake.

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Shortly after auditing his funds and discovering a hole in his cash register, the company sued to recover its funds to the user.

Without real surprise, part of the funds had already been used by the user, in particular to acquire a luxury mansion worth $1.35 million.

The ownership record was then transferred to the sister of the user who received the $10.5 million. then filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against it, seeking to recover the cost of the property plus 10% interest.

Judge James Dudley Elliott then ordered the two sisters to sell the mansion immediately and to return all funds to…

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Source: Daily Mail

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