(CRO) offers itself an advertisement during the Super Bowl


After the exchange platform FTX, it’s the turn of (CRO) to afford some advertising time during the broadcast of the Super Bowl in the United States. It is one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

A world famous sporting event

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the platform (CRO) offered itself some publicity time during the Super Bowl broadcastwhich will take place on February 13, 2022.

The Super Bowl is the final of the championship organized by the National Football League (NFL), which opposes the winners of theAmerican Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). It comes to close a season of five months of competition.

The Super Bowl is the sporting event most watched in the United States and one of the most followed in the world, where advertising time sells for gold. For example, last year the Super Bowl brought together no less than 91 million of viewers.

The American media conglomerate NBC universal, a subsidiary of Comcast and in charge of broadcasting the event, announced a tariff of at least $6.5 million for 30 seconds of advertising during the event.

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Advertisements (CRO) continues to want to popularize

The platform no longer stops in its ambition to increase its visibility to as many people as possible. After spending no less than $700 million to acquire the right to rename the Staples Center in Los Angeles to ” Arena » and having offered herself an advertising spot with Matt Damon, she is now securing a place of choice during the sports final. Marketing Director, Steven Kalifowitzsaid about it:

A lot of people say cryptocurrency is a fad, the same way they said the internet is a fad […]. Cryptocurrency really is the foundation of the next version of the internet. »

The CEO of the platform, Chris Marshallannounced in an interview with the Wall Street Journal its desire to make (CRO) one of the 20 largest brands in the world within the next 5 years, which would let it rub shoulders with giants like Nike or Apple.

The platform affirms its desire to want appear to the general public within the sporting world. Indeed, his presence at the Super Bowl follows directly on the announcement of his multi-year partnership with the Californian football club Angel City Football Club.

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Neck and neck with FTX

The exchange platform FTX was the first to buy its place for an advertisement during the broadcast of the Super Bowl in the United States. FTX CEO, Sam Bankman Friedone of the richest people in the world once said:

“There is no bigger, more mainstream event to get a message across than the Super Bowl. »

The company then signed an agreement with the team of Golden State Warriors (NBA) earlier this month, before also signing a multi-year deal with Monumental sports and entertainment just a few days ago, becoming its exclusive partner in terms of cryptocurrencies.

We are witnessing a real race against time within the sporting world to find out which of the two giants will take first place.

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