Cristina Cordula arrives everywhere in France for a "completely different" version

Cristina Cordula arrives everywhere in France for a “completely different” version


New breath for a new life. This season, the pink and gold showroom of Pure shopping will not open its doors. The program embodied by Cristina Cordula for almost ten years has abandoned her studio in the Paris suburbs to invite itself to ten municipalities in France from this Monday, August 22 at 5:25 p.m. on M6: Bordeaux, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille, Aix-en – Provence, Montpellier, Toulouse, Cannes and Nantes. It is precisely in the city of the dukes that we find the host at the Château de la forêt, about thirty minutes northeast of the city center.

A parade under the watchful eye of his loved ones

On the ground floor, a large room with chandeliers and ceiling moldings hosts the parade of candidates for the week. The catwalk is still there, but the setting changes completely from the episodes of previous seasons. “Visually, it’s very different, it has nothing to do with the showroom we’re used to,” says director Gilles Marliac. Whenever they could, the program crews took advantage of the outdoors to film by the sea, but also in an indoor swimming pool, in a castle or in the Strasbourg Chamber of Commerce. “The girls are highlighted in a crazy way,” he promises.

The places in which the participants display themselves are not the only major upheaval they will encounter this year. At the end of each day, they will have the pleasure (and the additional stress) of parading in front of their loved ones and those of their competitors. Something to set the mood when the family comes to encourage one of them, but also to bring tears to their eyes more easily, when, for example, a son comes to give his mother a big hug.

“It’s a new show”

Before going on the podium, Cristina Cordula gets ready in her dressing room upstairs in the castle. For her, it’s time to take stock of these ten weeks of filming. “If this program has existed for ten years, it is because we are constantly changing, she testifies, listing the novelties such as the mystery envelope, the face-to-face and the special weeks. There, it’s a huge breath, it’s a new issue. Coming to cities changes everything. »

Concretely, Cristina Cordula has more missions to fulfill than usual. The host keeps the face-to-face sequence to give a whole lot of advice to women, but she will also tour the cities to meet her audience and chat with the managers of the shops. And above all, at the beginning of the week, the Franco-Brazilian will come in person to announce the theme and the budget at the home of the first candidate to start the race. “They don’t even believe it,” she laughs. I spend a nice moment with them, we drink tea or coffee. We are close and I realize how much this program is loved by France ”.

Cristina Cordula still there in ten years?

For those who lend themselves to the game too, this new version brings something new. “It’s an advantage because you know the streets, you know where you’re going and you know the shops that we offer you,” says Swanne. During this special week, the competitors were offered five shops for clothing, two for shoes and two for accessories. And they had a (little) word to say: the production asked them beforehand for a list of their favorite stores.

Aïssatou, another candidate, adds: “The new version is good because there is our family and our friends who are there. In the evening, we go home, which allows us not to cut too much. And the fact of going to each other too, it makes more An almost perfect dinner ! We bond, we get to know each other. »

Cristina Cordula, she does not see herself in the animation of the culinary program. On the other hand, the image consultant hopes to embody other beauty shows in the future. “And as long as there is shopping queensI will be there ! »

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