Create an online form: tips and tools

Create an online form: tips and tools

5 tips for creating an effective online form

1. Limit the number of fields on your form

It is recommended to bet on a short form format. Indeed, a survey of more than twenty questions or more than 10 minutes will quickly discourage users. Carefully select the information you really have less of, taking into account that today’s users are reluctant to give out too personal information. You should therefore avoid asking for a telephone number, unless it is absolutely necessary for your survey or questionnaire. To collect data, it is advisable to bet on a form of 10 questions maximum.

In the same way, a balance should be found between the mandatory fields and those which are not. A form with too many, or even all, mandatory questions can be off-putting for Internet users.

2. Take care of the location of the form

The location of your survey is crucial. The Internet user must see the form directly when he arrives on the landing page provided for this purpose. For this, it is recommended to position it above the waterline. It is also advisable to avoid any distractions on the landing page designed for your form. So be careful to avoid embedding navigation menus, links to other pages, etc.

3. Focus on transparency to inspire trust

Be honest with the user about the reason for the form being submitted and its purpose. It is also important to be transparent about what will happen to the information collected, as stipulated by the rules related to the GDPR. Details concerning the confidentiality of data or the guarantee not to receive spam following a registration will also help Internet users to feel confident.

4. Customize your form’s CTA

If appropriate, do not hesitate to adapt your call-to-action (CTA) that closes the form. Indeed, the classic “Send” or “Submit” can seem very impersonal. Bet on a more inciting expression and which allows a user to feel involved in the action, like “Click here”.

5. Take the time to thank your audience or offer something in return (reward)

What follows the submission of a completed form is not to be overlooked. Thus, consider designing a special landing page to thank users or even sending a thank you email which can be accompanied by a summary of the steps that will follow the completion of the survey. Another possibility: you can offer a reward to Internet users in order to thank them for having answered your form. This can take the form of a percentage discount on products or participation in a prize draw, for example.

Tools to create online forms and surveys

Fine-tuning the substance of your online form is important, but what about the form? Know that there are tools that allow you to easily create your forms and surveys. These tools offer ready-to-use and customizable templates in the colors of your company. These online solutions offer templates based on survey type or industry.

In addition, online tools for creating surveys allow several people to work on a form, but also offer to send questionnaires or share them on social networks directly from their platform. On the other hand, they allow access to the follow-up of responses in real time, but also to detailed reports concerning your online forms.

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