CM Punk wreaks havoc backstage

CM Punk wreaks havoc backstage

On the last episode of Dynamite, we got to have a verbal fight and then a fight between CM Punk and Jon Moxley, but before that, the Chicago native decided to take on Adam Page by asking him to come to the ring. if he wanted his rematch. A sentence that left more than one surprised knowing that the two men are no longer in rivalry.

Today, we learn from Fightful, which confirms the statements of the Wrestling Observer, that none of this was planned and that CM Punk had taken this decision alone to use his platform to attack Adam Page.

At the Double or Nothing 2022 PPV, CM Punk became AEW World Champion by defeating Adam Page and you have to go back to the road to this event to understand the reasons for this enmity. An enmity which would first be due to differences of point of view concerning the construction of their match during an episode of Dynamite.

According to a Fightful source, CM Punk went so far as to meet with AEW officials regarding the subject of one of Adam Page’s promos and that Voices of Wrestling heard CM Punk say he didn’t want to lose. the Hangman.

Several AEW members told Fightful that they felt what happened on this Wednesday episode was “unfair” to Adam Page because there was no way to react to this. promo from CM Punk. Stepping in and attacking CM Punk in full view of Tony Khan and interrupting a promo he wasn’t in was not possible. They add that Adam Page was present behind the scenes, but that nobody knows his reaction to this story and especially Adam Page is generally not a person seeking conflict or confrontation and he is very appreciated by the roster.

Several roster members believe this promo from the current AEW Champion is a revenge over a promo from Adam Page in which CM Punk believes he is alluding to his issues with Colt Cabana. A week where Punk was not present and it is for this reason that he decided to do this this Wednesday in the presence of Adam Page who was behind the scenes, as if to take revenge.

Other sources knowledgeable about the situation also revealed to Fightful that CM Punk is one to express his unhappiness very often and they say he has done so in an even more blatant way recently than they thought he had. would eventually leave the company. They add that CM Punk could have possibly decided to stay at home and not show up at Wednesday’s show, but that he probably wouldn’t have quit. A veteran of the federation ends by saying that he had heard about threats of resignation from CM Punk.

Fightful ends by saying that the announcement of the Jon Moxley vs CM Punk match which will take place on August 24th at Dynamite was a last minute decision, but no information has yet been released on the exact date of validation of this idea. .

What is certain is that this case is likely to spill a lot of ink in the coming weeks.

photo credit: AEW

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