Club : La tournée au Japon du PSG rentable mais pas optimale

Club : La tournée au Japon du PSG rentable mais pas optimale


The PSG summer tour in Japan will bring in a dozen million euros. However, the humidity and heat of the Japanese country puts a lot of strain on the organizations, which complicates recovery, a club source told L’Équipe. A former Parisian employee explains that “these tours are only commercial and not intended for preparation. »



For PSG, it is essential to bring in money during summer tours, especially after seasons where this has not been possible due to the health crisis. The Parisian club is also rather well off with these few days spent in Japan, which will bring in a dozen million euros in the coffers, indicates L’Équipe. One of the lucrative contracts among all the European clubs that have traveled here and there around the world for their physical preparation. But if it has economic advantages, sportingly, some have reservations.

A local context, a more general problem

Firstly because the PSG staff must deal with the contractual imperatives to stall the collective sessions. A problem that all European leaders share during these summer tours. But not so much the Japanese weather, which combines high humidity and heat. This puts more strain on the organizations, even during the preparation: “ You recover less well and the body heats up and tires more quickly “, Reports a club source to the national daily.

Alexandre Marles, ex-head of PSG performance, argues that these preparation tours pose a problem: “ These tours are only commercial and not intended for preparation. The duration of these trips is the major problem. It is said that in general, to properly prepare for your season, it takes five to six weeks at the rate of two daily training sessions most often. Now, when you travel so far, you lose three days on the way there and three on the way back. Because the day before, the day of the trip and the next day, you do not train or very little and you lose rhythm. »

PSG will return ahead of Japan

A proof that there is truth in these words is the decision taken by PSG to shorten the trip to Japan. Initially scheduled until July 28, the Parisians will try to fly away from the 25th after PSG / Gamba Osaka – failing that, it will be the 26th. The objective being to have three full days of training at Camp des Loges , on July 27, 28 and 29 before leaving for Tel-Aviv where the Trophée des Champions against Nantes will take place.

We always prepare better at home in France, especially for an official match. We have more technical and human resources available. In view of the Trophée des Champions, PSG will be able to better manage jet lag by adapting the time of the alarm clock, the schedule of meals and sessions. “says a doctor in the area. A balance difficult to achieve between business and performance, with always the pros and cons to weigh. If the summer tour to Japan is considered a success by local businesses, PSG could hope to sign a contract with a Japanese sponsor. But at what cost ?

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