Découverte glaçante dans le logement d’une schizophrène délaissée par les services de santé

Chilling discovery in the home of a schizophrenic neglected by health services

On November 16, London police made a horrific discovery in the apartment of a schizophrenic in Hornchurch, a suburb of the English capital. Sophia Yuferev, 37, was found significantly decomposed in her apartment. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

A decomposing body

It’s a story that dates back, but that we wanted to tell you. Be careful, you may have nightmares. Indeed, several months ago, police in Hornchurch, in the eastern suburbs of London, made an incredible discovery. The body of Sophia Yuferev, 37, was found in an advanced state of decomposition in her apartment. And this young woman, was none other than a schizophenic, who had to take treatment for life and go regularly to appointments to receive injections.
But then, what happened in this room? Well, what we can tell you is that one fine day, the nursing team realized that Sophia was no longer coming to the office. That’s how they decided to call the young woman’s family. Unfortunately for them, no one knew what had happened to the thirties. After two in-person checks, the doctors decided to call the police. And it was there that they made the macabre discovery.

A corpse that had been lying for several weeks

As we told you previously, the awareness of doctors, did not prevent the worst. Indeed, once atarrived at his home, the police smelled a terrible smell before even opening the front door. Once inside, the smell was even stronger. Unbearable even according to a person who was able to enter the house. Eventually they found the young woman lying on her back in a white nightgown.

His corpse lay on the ground since weeks. At least four, according to the first analyzes of the medical examiner. And the court’s report is even heavier towards the doctors in charge of the patient. Indeed, the young woman had not taken her medication for at least six weeks. She also hadn’t had a care coordinator for ten weeks. Incredible, isn’t it? And unfortunately, things don’t stop there.

Schizophrenic: Sophia Yuferev’s family angry with doctors

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