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Charlotte Valandrey funeral: moving photo unveiled live

On July 13, 2022, the world of cinema was in mourning. Actress Charlotte Valandrey, best known for her role in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” died at the age of 53. According to the information, the last days of the fifties had been complicated. Indeed, after a third heart transplant, she seemed exhausted. Alas, his heart did not hold.

Charlotte passed away with a smile, shaking hands with her father Jean-Pierre, her daughter Tara and her sister Aude. In a press release, it was also said that the deceased would be buried privately in Pléneuf-Val André, the commune of the Côtes d’Armor which inspired his artist name, not far from the huge beach of his childhood holidays. And as expected, the funeral did indeed take place on July 19, 2022. The proof in video.

Maud Baecker’s heartbreaking tribute

The friend of the late Charlotte Valandrey was present at the funeral. The actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us” has also shared a photo of a wreath of red roses in the story of her Instagram account. On it is written the message “To our Chacha”.

Source: Capture Instagram

Maud Becker, visibly very movedsoberly added a heart, without adding a message. An image that she wanted to accompany the song “See you later”, interpreted in duet by Charlotte Valandrey and Marc Lavoine.

During this ceremony, led by Monsignor Patrick Chauvet, Tara, Charlotte Valandrey’s daughter, also held to bid farewell to his mother. For this, she made a moving speech saying:

“He is the strongest person I know, with the greatest rage to live. His freedom has finally been returned to him, his fight is finally over. “The sister of the actress, Aude, confided as for her: “We will remember the happy days of our childhood in Val-André, with our grandparents. We realize today that this era was one of the most carefree and happiest. »

A private funeral

Charlotte Valandrey wanted a private funeral and her family fulfilled his last wish. Thus, only a few people were able to attend the ceremony. During this, Aude (the sister of the deceased) touched those present with her speech, as was the case with Tara.

Before doing farewell to his loved onesCharlotte Valandrey left a letter to the latter. A text similar to a poem shared on the networks a few hours after his death. And who also upset more than one.

The message was overflowing with hope and love. He was above all a real statement and an invitation to continue to live her life as a woman to the full.

The project that Charlotte could not achieve

Charlotte Valandrey went away with a light heart and surrounded by her loved ones of course, but you should know that she did not have time to carry out a particular project. Indeed, if she seemed known for her acting skills, Tara’s mother also remained a singer.

In 2021, she released her first album “À tout à l’heure”. An 11-track album, which includes his duet with Marc Lavoine. At the age of 17, she played in the clip of an international star, Davis Bowie. She was the face of the song “As The World Falls Down”. Today, she wants to record a second album. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance.

Friday July 15, 2022, for the Parisian, the relatives of the actress unveiled the new project which she was working on. One of her best friends revealed:

“Music was a new challenge for Charlotte. Reaching 50 years old was a challenge, singing on stage on her 50th birthday (November 29, 2018 at the Zèbre de Belleville, editor’s note) a challenge, releasing an album another challenge, and she succeeded in them all. She wanted to sing for a very long time. »

The lyricist Frédéric Zeitoun had also slipped on his side:

“Two months ago, she called me to write a play together, even though I had never done it. She was asking me to write her new songs, she wanted to make a new album…”

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