Cette ex du PSG taille déjà Alexis Sanchez !

Cette ex du PSG taille déjà Alexis Sanchez !


Asked to comment on the signing of Alexis Sanchez in Marseille, Laure Boulleau doubts the physical abilities of the Chilean striker. According to her, the new OM player is struggling to regain the full measure of his talent.

Entering the game in place of Cengiz Under at the start of the second half, Alexis Sanchez played his first minutes in his new colors on Sunday in Brest. If the Chilean was voluntary, he did not prevent his team from conceding a draw against the Bretons. On the Canal Football Club set, the former international footballer expressed doubts about the ability of the Chilean striker to regain his highest level. According to her, the best years of the player are behind him. The CFC consultant believes that Sanchez will have to rediscover the rage to win that he had at Arsenal to succeed in his Marseille experience.

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The impression that Sanchez has been only a shadow of himself for four years — Boulleau

“I am not very convinced by his signature. He is a player who had a golden period at Arsenal. There, he had a lot of energy, he put a lot of intensity into his game, he had the grinta. I think everything will be related to his physique. If he loses this intensity and his great physical qualities, it will be felt on his level of play. I still have the impression that he has been only a shadow of himself for four years. If he doesn’t have the rage he had at Arsenal, it won’t work. » Laure Boulleau – Source: Canal Football Club (14/08/2022)

Sanchez starts on the bench

For the Chilean’s first outing with his new team, Igor Tudor chose to start his new player on the bench. The Croatian coach nevertheless said he was impatient to see what Alexi Sanchez would bring to OM.

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“There is no football without physical work. We did it this week. There is no change in the work we do. Between each match, we have the week to work, to also focus on tactics. There is a good energy from the rookies, who have raised the level of the team with their professionalism in particular. (…) Sanchez will be part of the squad, we will see how to use him and what position he can play. He’s a boy I’ve only trained twice, from what I’ve seen he works hard. Everyone has their own career path. I hope what I saw will be confirmed in the season. He is someone who works hard. I can’t wait to see what he will bring. (…) Veretout? He is a very good recruit for us. I always liked it. He is an important player, very serious. He will play often, the season is long. Everyone is important in the team. (…) This victory this weekend gave us credibility. New recruits have increased the level, the competition in the team. It’s something good. I expect good things this weekend. » Igor Tudor – Source: Press conference (08/12/22)

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