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Celine Dion sick: finally new, fresh revelations about her health, big announcement!

” My heart Will Go On “, ” For you to love me again “, ” New day “, “Power of Love”, ” If it were enough to love “… only hits that made Celine Dion famous. True international starthe Quebec diva is therefore no longer to be presented.

She has millions of fans around the world. Fans who, in recent months, are very worried about their idol. For good reason, Céline is subject to many rumors concerning her state of health. Sick, he still whispers that the singer got back on track.

What is Celine Dion suffering from?

Celine Dion fans are on the lookout for any news about the star. Alas, the media appearances of this one are done in dribs and drabs lately. Therefore, they despair to see her on stage one day.

It should be noted that the 50-year-old has already canceled several concerts so far. thing that saddens and saddens her enormously, as evidenced by his remarks in a video posted on Instagram on April 29, 2022.

Still in the same video, forced to postpone the European dates of her Courage World Tour, Celine Dion explained that this time it’s due to his health.

“I still feel a little better… but I still have muscle spasms… I have to be in good shape, in good health so that I can give 100% of myself on stage because it’s what you deserve,” she said.

Before she announces suffer from muscle spasmsrumors swirled about his health. To explain her absence from the media, many speculated that the singer was in burnout.

He was also invented the most sordid diseases such as Alzheimer’s, anorexia or cancer. Moreover, the latter has already cost the life to several members of his family.

“Concealment of an alarming state”

To put an end to all this speculation and reassure the fans, some of his relatives came out of the silence. This is particularly the case of Michel Dion. Her brother had indeed explained that the singer has nothing serious and that she is fine.

However, it is without counting on his official biographer, Elisabeth Reynaud. Indeed, in the columns of Le Parisien, the latter had affirmed that the image that the star has been broadcasting in recent months would only be a “concealment of an alarming state”. And this, due to griefs she faced.

As a reminder, in 2016 aloneCeline Dion had lost two of the men in her life. René Angélil, her husband, passed away on January 14, 2016 after a long battle with throat cancer. One day after this tragedy, she learned of the disappearance of her brother Daniel, who also died of cancer.

Alas, in January 2020, death is a new time came knocking on his door, taking away his mother. Still according to Elisabeth Reynaud, the disappearance of Thérèse Tanguay Dion, her greatest admirer, plunged Céline into “a depression to which his body responds violently”.

Celine Dion would be cured at 95%

In short, life hasn’t always been easy for the mother of René Charles, Eddy and Nelson Angelil. However, on many occasions, Celine Dion has shown us thatshe is a strong woman. And the latest news, the great friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman would be better.

Moreover, the one who celebrated her 54th birthday on March 30, 2022 could even very soon make a comeback. Indeed, Vital Vegas informs that the singer “could start his residency for the New Year”.

The site specializing in Las Vegas news has even received information like what Celine Dion “would have contacted stylists to prepare the wardrobe for his show”.

According to Deux Moi, another American site, the widow of René Angelil is “supposedly 95% healed and ready to get back on stage quickly”. It should be noted that for the time being, the main one concerned has not yet confirmed his return.

In the meantime, it is at the cinema that fans will soon be able to see it. For those who don’t know yet, Celine Dion is on the bill you film “It all comes back to me”. This is in reference to one of its flagship titles.

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