Capcom: Monster Hunter and Resident Evil continue to top sales

Capcom: Monster Hunter and Resident Evil continue to top sales

Game News Capcom: Monster Hunter and Resident Evil continue to top sales

The Japanese studio needs no introduction… For nearly 40 years, Capcom has been developing and publishing video games whose success is well established. At the origin of Monster Hunter or Resident Evil to name only the two titles dominating the figures, the studio takes stock of its latest sales.

A Top 10 “Platinum Titles”

Last January, Capcom presented its financial results and posted excellent turnover with a clearly marked profit. So much so that a few months later, in April, the studio revised its profit forecast upwards after game sales exceeded what was expected. To confirm these statements, Capcom usually maintains a page listing its “Platinum Titles“, i.e. all successful titles reaching or exceeding one million units sold, and of which here is the latest top 10 below (sales are shown in parentheses):

After the last update of the page dated June 30, we are forced to note that Monster Hunter and Resident Evil licenses continue to top sales. Not only do they record sales records, but they also dominate the rankings by winning no less than eight places in the top 10.

For those most interested, a full list of these hit games is available by just clicking here.

You monster hunter…

Monster Hunter: World remains the best-selling game in studio history with its 18.3 million copies sold (and 300,000 additional sales compared to the previous quarter), followed by Monster Hunter Rise which arrives in third place with 10.3 million units sold. Furthermore, the title is certainly driven by the success of a certain extension called Sunbreak. Indeed, recently released on June 30, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak exploded the sales figures and sold more than 3 million copies in just two weeks. Also note that fifth place goes to Monster Hunter World: Icebornea very honorable ranking for an extension released in September 2019 with more than 9.5 million versions sold.

…and Resident Evil!

On the side of Resident Evil, the medal of the best-selling episode of the license goes to Resident Evil 7 which is placed in second position overall with 11 million sales.
The remake of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are still doing well by winning three places in the top 10 while the latest episode, Resident Evil Village, comes to position itself in ninth place with 6.4 million players. But we can imagine that the title still has good days ahead of it and a certain margin of progress with the release of the Winters extension scheduled for October 28th.

The Street Fighter license is not demerit with two titles appearing among the first ten places. However, you have to dig a little further in the ranking to find titles like Devil May Cry 5, in 11th position, or Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3 respectively ranked 25th and 26th to name others examples.

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