Evelyne Dhéliat : cancer, traitements lourds, perruque… ses aveux déchirants sur son combat

cancer, heavy treatments, wig… his heartbreaking confessions about his fight

Evelyne Dhéliat is a great television professional and that is an understatement. Indeed, it is she who has the oldest employment contract at TF1. His CDI is 50 years old, he is older than TF1 in person. Since when our favorite weather miss started in the profession, it was at the ORTF that she worked.

You will have understood it, it is by having celebrated more than 70 springs that Evelyne Dhéliat pursues her career. Passionate about her workshe rose through the ranks to become a presenter at LCI and TF1, but also director of the weather services for these two channels. She is the reference in the field and does not intend to retire overnight.

However, she would have deserved to finally stop her activity. But Evelyne Dhéliat is one of those who want to delay the deadline as much as possible. Also, when she learned that she was sick, she was forced to leave the antenna and it did not please her at all. It is years after the tragedy, in the columns of Tele-Leisure thatshe looks back on her cancerobject tell you everything!

Evelyne Dhéliat takes stock of her state of health

The best-known weather presenter in the country and probably in Europe never wanted to quit his job. If for a while, when she was younger, Evelyne Dhéliat had hoped to see her career evolve towards journalism, she knows that it was a question of timing. The new generations have been able to open doors that have remained closed for her, but this is far from being a regret in her life.

Indeed, she can be proud of the way her career has developed over the years. The more time passed and the more she became an emblematic figure of television, she became irreplaceable for her audience. Still today, imagining TF1 without Evelyne Dhéliat seems impossible.

Perhaps it was also the departure, hitherto also unthinkable, of Jean-Pierre Pernaut which allows us to imagine that of Evelyne Dhéliat? Especially sincein 2019, we learned that he was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

Readers ofobject will do the calculation without error, it is good approximately 7 years after doctors diagnosis that Evelyne Dhéliat finally speaks openly about her cancer. The thing is, she was hopeful that no one would notice her absence or any signs of failing in her health.

A moving testimony

It was therefore in the columns of our colleagues in the magazine Tele-Leisure that Evelyne Dhéliat finally tackled this delicate subject. Not only sensitive but above all very personal, object grant it to you. We were then in 2019 and she confirmed some stubborn rumors that were already circulating on social networks.

“At the time, I said to myself that it was not worth talking about it and that it might go unnoticed. I was operated on and I had heavy treatments. People started wondering why I wasn’t there. So I decided to say it. I came back, I had a wig. It was difficult for me to live all that. », she confided then with courage.

Finally, she wants to be reassuring. In remission, Evelyne Dhéliat continues to perform medical checks while continuing to live as if the disease had never entered his daily life.

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