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Camile Santoro (large families) in tears: she evokes a terrible tragedy that turned her life upside down

On August 11, Camille Santoro spoke on social networks. Indeed, it is the illustrious candidate of the reality show of TF1. Apparently, his coming on the web was to announce good news. Suddenly, the Instagram community saw her feeling bad and crying. What happens to this mother of Large Families? His reasons are present in this article!

Large Families: Mum Santoro has once again aroused everyone’s compassion!

Since its revelation 3 years ago, the Santoro clan became the idol of the public. Among other things, its presence no longer goes unnoticed on the screen or the canvas. To get to know these Large Family candidates a little more, some are even willing to reveal personal information.

Which explains why every detail of their life is known to everyone! For example, it is said that the latter have just returned from their summer vacation. At the same time, her young son has just been discharged from the hospital due to an illness.

Camille Santoro of Large Families was totally devastated by this news. Throughout Maé’s convalescence, she neglected everything to stay with her son. Even the new collection of children’s pajamas she was planning to release was flat!

In short, we can say that Nicolas’s wife was in all her states during this period. Therefore, her subscribers really took pity on her ! This week, Maité’s mother again succumbed to her emotions in front of the public.

What did Camille Santoro reveal in her post?

In general, the appearance of this candidate of Large Families on the web was a good omen. Through her Instagram account, this Santoro member said she was going to resume her project.

That’s it ! She finally plans to release her range of bathrobes for the little ones. According to this new entrepreneur, the launch date would be scheduled for August 28th! By linking his explanations, she also ended up making a big reveal.

We also note that this is the reason that made her so sensitive at the end of the video. After this news, Nicolas’ spouse in Large Families explained that she had wanted to make this announcement for a long time.

But she was waiting for the perfect moment. Apparently, this participant of TF1 would be a little superstitious about the dates. Hence the reason she heard that day to do it! The date of August 11 is very significant for this woman. She burst into tears!

Large Families: Camille Santoro lost a loved one that day!

Well, the mystery is finally solved! This mother of 7 children in Large Families fell for two reasons. In reality, it was both tears of joy and sorrow.

It was the repression of these feelings that led her to no longer control herself in public.

On the one hand, Camille was delighted with the success of her new project. On the other, this participant in Large Families remembered her brother.

The latter died the same day of this announcement. It is quite normal that she feels a sweet thought towards him, in the face of his happiness.

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