Call tracking, an effective tool for your marketing strategy


The most important thing in business and in growing a business is to fill your order book. To do this, nothing beats a good marketing strategy. However, it is extremely difficult to foresee the implications of a marketing strategy for your product. Also, many companies deploy different strategies simultaneously. If this is a good idea, then it becomes difficult to know which strategy worked best. Fortunately, there is a tool for this: call tracking.

Static call tracking to determine the success of your marketing campaigns

Static call tracking is a tool designed to track and analyze all incoming calls. However, this statistical analysis has a specific purpose. : determine the origin of calls. This new client is calling you because they saw an advertisement online? Or is it because he heard about you?

By using a good call tracking tool, you can factually assess which of your marketing campaigns is performing the best. Following Pareto’s law, 80% of leads generated should come from just 20% of your marketing strategy.

It is then easy to understand how to change scale and maximize your gains: all you have to do is put the package on the marketing strategy that works best, and abandon the others!

Dynamic call tracking as a strategic tool for continuous improvement

The benefits of call tracking are not limited to the analysis of the source of calls. There is another type called dynamic call tracking. This focuses on consumer behavior before contacting you. The tool will analyze the most visited sections of your site, the pages on which the customer will spend the most or the least time or even the page that triggers the most calls.

Again, understanding potential consumer behavior tells you a lot about how to optimize your strategy. Is there a particular page that drives visitors away? You absolutely have to work on it or remove it. Conversely, what is special about the page that generates the most leads?

Call tracking allows you to ask the right questions and give a concrete map of the reality of your business.

Which call tracking tool to adopt?

We suggest you adopt call tracking, which, in addition to being extremely effective, works without any subscription. In this way, you can adopt your call tracking strategy when it interests you, just after the launch of a new marketing campaign for example.

The use of Zadarma thus turns out to be almost free: only the use of virtual numbers is chargeable. By including it in your marketing budget, using this tool is financially painless but devilishly effective! To make sure that Zadarma call tracking is effective and easy to configure, click here.

You have understood that adopting a call tracking tool allows you to save money by eliminating unnecessary advertising channels, but also to increase your results by overexploiting what works well. So don’t wait any longer and adopt Zadarma now!

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