BVA presents the CMO Profiles study at the E-Marketing fair


During a round table organized by ADETEM at the E-Marketing fair on March 31, Stéphane Marcel, Global Chief Growth Officer at BVA presented the results of the CMO Profiles study carried out in partnership with ADETEM in order to give an overview of the main trends in the development of marketing professions and new profiles emerging from this great study.

What are the priorities, the issues, the opportunities and obstacles for CMOs in 2022? How enhance the function with regard to the expectations of the parties stakeholders, starting with general management? Discover the main findings of this survey.

Online study carried out from July 20 to September 10, 2021 with 147 marketing managers from companies of all sizes and sectors based in France

Discover the main lessons of our study for Adetem:

A marketing function that is doing well

  • A function boosted by the Covid crisis (42% of CMOs consider it more important after the crisis), despite a certain lack of means (53% consider them insufficient)
  • A function perceived as strategic (61%, vs 37%) operational) and having a high impact on business (76%)
  • 92% of CMOs believe that marketing is a profession of the future.

More and more extensive missions

  • 5 assignments keys emerge (more than 50% of CMOs and their teams devote most of their time to it)
  1. Increase turnover,
  2. Developing brand equity,
  3. Reposition the current offer
  4. Improve culture and customer experience
  5. Develop new activities
  • Culture and customer experience confirm their rise to power


The multiplication of levers available to CMOs

  • “Curious and greedy” CMOs: 15 levers among the 21 tested appear essential today and tomorrow at +75% of CMOs
  • The top 5 of those judged essential today :
  1. Digital and social marketing
  2. Competitor monitoring/benchmarking
  3. Analysis of market trends
  4. Customer knowledge and associated data
  5. Lead and opportunity generation
  1. The application of behavioral sciences
  2. The development of breakthrough innovations
  3. MARTECH and ADTECH Tools
  4. Experience design
  5. Modeling growth levers

The company in transformation(s): digital, responsible, societal

  • A digital transformation very positive (for marketing), to a lesser extent for the company (“only” 62%), but “ which has gone too far, we have to get back to the human ” to pay 45% of CMO.
  • Missions and responsibilities obvious and widely shared (+from 89% CMO):
  1. Encourage diversity and parity
  2. Limit waste and promote circular economies
  3. Fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Others less expected but all just as timely for the CMO:
  1. Promote access by as many people as possible to their offers and services (80%)
  2. Act to encourage good practices from their customers (75%)
  3. Contribute to changing the model of society (75%)
  4. Fight against social inequalities (66%)

The necessary adaptation of skills

  • the top 5 skills today : agility and adaptability, digital culture, systemic understanding, customer obsession and creativity
  • tomorrow : rise of data, business performance and innovation.. decline of creativity and curiosity

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