Buried alive, Elsa Esnoult panics in her coffin (VIDEO)

Buried alive, Elsa Esnoult panics in her coffin (VIDEO)


This Wednesday, August 17, M6 drew Traitorsa new role-playing game presented by Eric Antoine. The concept ? 14 personalities compete behind closed doors where the key words are lies, manipulation and betrayal. Of the fourteen players, three have been designated as the Traitors. Their goal ? Not to be identified by the rest of the group, say the Loyal. The Traitors will therefore have to use all subterfuge to move forward in the shadows in order to win the game and the 40,000 euros promised to the winner on behalf of an association.

For this, the players had to face each other in various physical but also psychological challenges such as facing the fear of the unknown, or even taking a leap into the void. But the ordeal that most marked people’s minds was being buried alive! And it is not the actress Elsa Esnoult who will say the opposite. Indeed, the star of mysteries of love who suffers from claustrophobia found herself in one of her worst nightmares. ” It’s awful cause I know I have no choice she confides as she enters the freshly dug grave.

Visibly frightened, the young woman lay down as best she could in her coffin, trying to keep calm. But it’s when Eric Antoine jubilantly asks the undertakers to nail the boards that Elsa loses her temper: ” Why nails? I am at the end of my life!she let go, totally frightened, seeing her teammates already six feet under. ” Not the nails! I swear it’s my phobia, I swear I’m not kidding she begs Eric Antoine in vain. As the undertaker nails his coffin, Elsa screams, “ Oh my God ! I can not breathe ! That’s it, I’m dead! “. The ‘highlight’ of the show, so to speak, will come when the undertaker throws shovelfuls of earth on his coffin. ” This is the end of the world. It’s the worst seconds of my life confided Elsa at the end of this surreal ordeal that she is not about to forget and neither will the viewers!

It’s sick people’s game coffin”. “No, but the coffin is just horrible as a test!!! Worst of all!!!”. “Horrible this ordeal of the coffin personally I am cloistered I could not psychologically it is terrible she has courage”. “Horrible this ordeal of the coffin personally I’m cloistered I couldn’t psychologically it’s terrible she has courage“… Can we read on Twitter.


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