La mariée accuse sa demoiselle d’honneur d’avoir ruiné son mariage pour une raison incroyable

Bride accuses bridesmaid of ruining her wedding for some incredible reason

Sometimes in weddings, there are arguments between the guests and the bride and groom. On Reddit, a woman notably recounted the misadventure she experienced at her friend’s wedding. Thinking to please the latter by wearing the dress she had chosen for her, the OP (Original Poster), was far from imagining that their friendship was going to end. Under the pseudonym runawaymaidofhonor, which can be translated into French as “maid of honor on the run”, the Redditrice had told her sad story in the subsection of the site called Am I the Asshole? in order to know the opinion of other users whether or not it was at fault.

She helped her pay for the wedding

It is in 2020, on the benches of the university, that the old friends meet for the first time. Between the two students, the current quickly passed. And the same year, Charlotte, the future bride, announces to the OP that she was going to unite for life with her longtime fiancé. A news that obviously delighted the Redditrice. Moreover, she was a great help during the preparation of the big day. She says Charlotte was particularly meticulous about the details of the ceremony:

“I wouldn’t say she [Charlotte, ndlr] is obsessive, but it’s been INTENSE, and I’ve tried to help her as best I can with scheduling appointments, stress management, etc. I also gave him $250 [237,57€] to help pay for the wedding (her family can only pay for part of it), which are not included in the wedding gift I was going to give her. »

Source: Pexel

The Dress of Discord

In her story, the Reddit user says that a month before her best friend’s wedding, she still didn’t know what to wear. Knowing that the bride-to-be “had a clear and precise vision for her wedding” and wanting “her control as much as possible of all the details of her special day”, OP then asked her which dress she could wear among the three that she would wear. she had selected.

According to her, Charlotte had preferred to rummage through her wardrobe and choose from the twenty or so dresses. In the end, she had kept the dresses that her bridesmaid had initially chosen, but also a white dress that the latter had discarded since traditionally, this color is only reserved for the bride. The Redditor says:

“She told me that the two dresses chosen by her were lovely, but that she preferred the white one. I asked her if she was sure. She said ‘yes’ and even picked out a pair of pink and white heels from her closet to go with my dress. I thought we had finally found it. »

Source: Pexel

At that time, she did not know that this choice would seal the end of their friendship.

A test of friendship

So, as agreed, on D-Day, the Reddit user had come to dress in the dress that her friend had chosen for her. She also wore the famous pink and white heels. Only here, arrived at the scene of the ceremony, she had felt that the other guests were judging her with their eyes. As for Charlotte, OP claims she looked shocked upon seeing her. Then it started to “turn red”. Also according to his story:

“She pulled me aside and immediately started talking to me about her wedding dress. I was amazed. I asked her what the problem was, because SHE had chosen the dress. She replied that it was a ‘test of friendship’ and that if we were real friends I wouldn’t have worn a white dress or her shoes at her wedding. »

Then she added:

“I started laughing because I honestly thought it was a joke and she yelled at me that I ruined her ‘fucking marriage’ and to ‘fuck off’. I bluntly told her she was crazy and left, not wanting to fight anymore and not knowing how to handle what had happened. I took back my wedding present and left. »

Since this sad incident, the Redditor has received a lot of criticism from her friends and family. They say in particular that it was horrible of her to have worn this dress at the wedding of her friend. For information, during her wedding, Charlotte wore a blue dress. Fortunately, on Reddit, the unfortunate bridesmaid was strongly supported by Internet users. So, in your opinion, is she at fault in this story?

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