Better prospecting with marketing tools

Better prospecting with marketing tools




Today, it has become essential to stand out from the competition to acquire customers and make sales. The performance of a company depends on the marketing strategy adopted and the tools used. Do you want to prospect better with marketing tools? Here is the technique to follow.

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Use the telephone to do business prospecting

The phone remains theprospecting tool the most basic. Although it is quite old, it still makes it possible to get in touch with prospects, to offer them products/services and to arouse their attention. If you want to prospect better, you absolutely must integrate call him (or telephone prospecting) in your commercial canvassing.

To succeed in this technique, you just need to create a catchy phone scriptanticipate objections, cultivate active listening and continually improve your strategy. Indeed, as consumer behaviors constantly change, your telephone interview guide may become obsolete and lose its effectiveness. You have to constantly renovate it, try new tricks and eliminate failing schemes in order to keep a high success rate.

Contact prospects by email

Despite their relatively low success rate, emails can still be exploited in commercial prospecting, especially since they have the advantage of being actionable at low cost and in very large quantities. You just need to have the right techniques to optimize the results of your prospecting by e-mail. If you want to prevent your prospecting emails from being considered spam, here are some tips:

start by targeting and segment your prospects (according to their profiles and level of maturity);

take care of the header and the subject of your e-mail in such a way that they arouse the curiosity of the recipient;

personalize content your e-mail to add value to your message (make the recipient understand that the e-mail is addressed to them personally);

send your email at the right time (the ideal would be to get the prospect’s response within minutes);

analyze the results: after your email campaign, check if your actions were insightful (change the ones that failed and optimize the ones that worked).

It is important that you do regular analysis in order to continuously improve your strategy. Even if the performance of this one seems sustainable, always rely on the behavior of your target customers (in the majority of cases, they are changeable).

Use a lead generation tool to collect the contact details of your prospects

Whatever your prospecting strategy (phoning or e-mailing), you surely need your prospects’ contact information. Of the lead generation tools have been specially created in order to help you obtain them in the easiest way possible. Kaspr, for example, lets you discover your prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers through a Google Chrome extension. To discover them, you just have to go to the LinkedIn profile of your prospects. You also have the possibility of automating the sending of invitations and “welcome” messages on LinkedIn. To date, Kaspr has hundreds of customers including Ornikar, Plezi, Kestio and Swile. To optimize your commercial prospecting, do not hesitate to use this tool.

Use a CRM tool

The RCMP allow your company to gather all the information related to your prospects and customers in a single tool. Thanks to them, you have the opportunity to segment them according to their profiles, to follow their evolution (if they engage or if they remain inactive) and to adapt your sales pitch. This software greatly promotes the success of your commercial prospecting.

Use LinkedIn to increase your clientele or expand your professional network

The social media prospecting has become unavoidable following the evolution of new information and communication technologies. LinkedIn undeniably represents one of the best in its category. It is the reference social network for all professionals. It offers a real pool of prospects and potential partners. If you want to increase your clientele or expand your professional network, you must go through this so-called “business” platform.

Optimizing Inbound Marketing with Websites

Know that you can attract prospects without having to actively intervene in sales canvassing. This strategy called Inbound marketing is to passively suggest the action of prospects via your website. Its purpose is to encourage them to contact your company to ask you directly questions relating to your offer. In other words, prospects take the first step and your actions are limited to proposing and suggesting services/offers (the integration of calls to action).

In summary

To prospect better, you will need to use your work phone, your e-mail address, your LinkedIn page and your website. You also need to use lead generation tools like Kaspr and CRM tools. Note that Kaspr is able to enrich your database by allowing you to directly export your prospects’ contact information to your CRM. All the contacts will then be enriched and/or exported, or will receive a LinkedIn invitation.

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