Before Clémentine Autain, these politicians who talk about sex in their novels

Before Clémentine Autain, these politicians who talk about sex in their novels

Clementine Autain, June 21, 2022.
JULIAN DE ROSA / AFP Clementine Autain, June 21, 2022.


Clementine Autain, June 21, 2022.

POLITICS – “We will not take away from him the idea that it is a somewhat barbaric practice, this story of hair removal. What holds her is the intuition that Antoine likes women with tidy pubes. VShe words were not taken from the last episode of a summer series of a women’s magazine, but from the first novel by Clémentine Autain, a rebellious deputy, who is publishing this summer, Assemblies, published by Grasset. A story of women, against a backdrop of sexual violence and political struggle, which reveals passages in an erotic style. ” Just before its conclusion, Jeanne remembers Antoine naked on a chair in his studio, talking about his sex, obviously one of his prides, » can we read in particular.

When politics rhymes with erotic literature

Before her, there are many – men and women politicians – who checked the box of eroticism in their novels. Prolific pen with 28 books published in total, Marlène Schiappa is one of them. The Secretary of State has long been suspected of having been behind the pseudonym of Marie Minelli, author of novels with suggestive titles such as Sex, lies and hot suburbs or Good girls don’t swallow.

A suspicion that Marlène Schiappa partly confirmed on Europe 1, October 4, 2021, indicating that she had written or co-written some of the nine novels published under the name of Marie Minelli. Writings which have aroused more or less friendly reactions in the political world, according to the elected official. ” We talk about it behind my back (…) There is a form of sexism, because I have a colleague in government who is known to have written a Harlequin novel, is she indignant. I won’t name this colleague, but in any case, we never sell him off with that and we don’t talk to him about it. »

This colleague is Bruno the Mayor. According to an article in Le Point in 2014, the current Minister of Economy and Finance would have written in his youth – again under a pseudonym – certain stories for the sulphurous Harlequin collection. But it is obviously not the lack of anonymity that slows down the minister, who signed his name The Ministerpublished in 2004 by Grasset.

“Pauline’s hand gently caressing my sex”, Bruno the Mayor

He tells the backstage of the missions of Dominique de Villepin, then Minister of Foreign Affairs. Right in the middle of the story, the author reveals a part of his own intimacy, briefly evoking a stay in Venice with his wife: “I let myself be overwhelmed by the warmth of the bath, the light of the lagoon which came to float on the window panes of the door, the green tea soap, and Pauline’s hand which gently caressed my sex”, can we read. ” It was written in such a naive way… It seemed touching to me. “, confided a few years later Bruno Le Maire to the Figaro.

In 2012, it was Aurélie Filippetti, newly appointed Minister of Culture under François Hollande, who saw her past as a novelist reappear. Browsing through its bibliography, the magazine Technikart publishes an “olé olé” excerpt from his novel, A man in the pocketpublished in 2006 by Stock, describing a cunnilingus scene frankly: “ Your head between my thighs and your tongue sliding inside me, lapping my vulva (…) you licked me and I melted for a long time in your mouth (…) I spread my legs even further so that you could (…) kiss me so deeply that if my sex had been my mouth to answer you “. A passage was even read aloud at the time by the literary columnist Augustin Trapenard on the set of large newspaperin the presence of the minister, to say the least embarrassed.

Even at the highest peak in the state, the temptation is great. In 1994, the former President of the Republic Valéry Giscard d’Estaing published The passage (Robert Laffont), a love story between a notary and a hitchhiker who once again borders on eroticism. But it was in 2009 that he put both feet in the dish with The Princess and the President (Éditions de Fallois) in 2009, a libertine novel in which many observers see the story of an adventure with Princess Lady Di.

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