Battlefield 2042: DICE will reintroduce a much-loved fan system!

Battlefield 2042: DICE will reintroduce a much-loved fan system!

Game News Battlefield 2042: DICE will reintroduce a much-loved fan system!

Despite worries, fan anger, and a completely revised roadmap, Battlefield 2042 and DICE aren’t giving up. The first season brought the number of regular players back up, and new changes are on the way.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1, Zero Hour, brought with it many changes along with a new cardand was followed by the highly anticipated revamp of the Kelidoscope map. But there is still a lot to do, and DICE has just revealed the main lines of seasons 2 and 3.

Chest, revamps, new weapons, new objectives… what’s coming

As part of a new video, which you can watch above, DICE announces the arrival Chest Weapons, weapons dedicated to All-Out Warfare mode but from Portal mode. The M16A3 and M60E4 will be unlockable by completing challenges, but the P90, AKS-74u and M98B are also expected. However, it will not be possible to personalize.

The new versions of Renewable and Orbital were also presented, with many additions such as more believable scenery, cutlery, a “more dynamic” level design and goals that have been redesigned, sometimes moved, and even created for the occasion. A new map is planned with a focus on infantry combat, but we’ll know more about that later. This, overall, is for season 2, which should in all likelihood point the tip of its nose in September.

Get ready to (re)do your classes!

But the biggest change is expected by the end of the year, as DICE announced the return of a historical system and appreciated by the fans: the system of Classes ! Among the many criticisms that were made of the title at its launch and in the months that followed, we find the fact that Specialists could equip just about any gadget. The idea was to allow players to create a set-up in their image, but in the end, it disregarded the idea of ​​team play because no one had a defined role to play, except by forcing themselves to do so. Specialists are not going away, they are just going to be divided into the four classes of Assault, Scout, Support and Engineer.

The idea is to add a constraint and specialize players so teams really work together. Classic weapons shouldn’t be affected though, with the return of classes aiming for things like the Rocket Launcher or medkits. To go further, DICE also indicated that a number of Specialists were going to be reworked to be closer to the “credible” atmosphere of the license. These modifications, requested by many players who found that the Specialists denoted too much with the artistic direction, include the faces, the lines of dialogue or even the postures.

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