Basket : l’Elan Béarnais sauvé au buzzer !

Basket : l’Elan Béarnais sauvé au buzzer !

“These were very cordial debates, very technical, very calm, something very normal”, breathed David Bonnemason-Carrère when leaving the federal body. A tone opposite to that of the last visit to the DNCCG a fortnight ago which had seen an audience dumbfounded by the virulence of the remarks and the attitude of David Otto, the boss of CSG.

On July 11, the higher management council of the National League (DNCCG) confirmed its decision to refuse the commitment of Elan in Elite, due to a financial deficit over the season of around two million euros. euros and a lack of guarantees for the coming year.

“A huge relief”

“This Monday, all aspects were discussed, including the spreading of the debt. In the end, the appeal chamber reformed the decisions taken at first instance in view of the quality of the buyer, his commitments and the reality of the project presented, our commitments to all, and the realistic figures presented”, explains DBC which confirms that the next budget will be 4.6 to 4.8 million euros.

“It’s a huge relief for the club, the employees, the supporters, for everyone,” continued Bonnemason-Carrère, who has lived through the last hectic and intense weeks plunged into the heart of the furnace, having to manage bloodshed. of CSG on one side, preparing the ground for Eat4Good on the other, while avoiding attacks and other low blows coming locally from certain former players.

The editorial staff advises you

“A fortnight ago we were still in a very tense situation with the Americans”, rewinds the president. “We were in open conflict, we didn’t speak to each other, there had been no communication for some time. Until the last moment, we held our breath. The balance was very fragile to save this entity, this monument that is Elan. Today, we have a quality buyer, a good brand, people who want to get involved”, he rejoices, aware that “everything happened in a very tight timing. It was a story of days or even hours of hard work all last weekend,” admits David Bonnemason-Carrère. Who does not forget to include in this recovery success “the town hall and the enormous work carried out by François Bayrou and his teams, in support at all times in this file”.

The sportsman will regain his rights

The next step: “meet all the employees who have never given up, reassure them, inform them, to move forward and prepare quickly for the season which is coming quickly because all aspects have been frozen for more than a month”, mentions the leader. “After the stage linked to the rescue of the club, we must now build a team around a rational and coherent budget”.

The challenge is now in the hands of Eric Bartecheky who will have, around Giovan Oniangue, Vitalis Chikoko and Gérald Ayayi, the three pros still under contract, to build the most competitive team possible without big means, probably composed of eight pros and two hopes, to aim for a reasonable maintenance. After these last weeks worthy of a Z series, we won’t ask for more. Resumption of the championship on Saturday September 24 at the Palais facing Strasbourg!

Pierre Seillant: “This is excellent news”

Worried by the fate of “his” club threatened with bankruptcy, Pierre Seillant, the “President” from 1967 to 2008 and honorary president since, said he was “extremely relieved” on hearing the news of the rescue. “In these difficult times, I have always had a thought for Pierre Seillant”, recognizes David Bonnemason-Carrère. “He was the first person I informed when the decision fell”
“This is excellent news”, confirmed Pierre Seillant. “This proves that the work was very well done by David Bonnemason and Thierry Braillard who represented the buyer. The club is saved, its Sports Palace too when we could fear the worst. I am relieved that the club continues to live and not just survive. »

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