Basket/Elan Béarnais : « Le club n’appartient plus aux Américains »

Basket/Elan Béarnais : « Le club n’appartient plus aux Américains »


“The end”. A year after starting, the story is already over between Counterpointe Sports Group and Elan Béarnais. “The deed of surrender was signed by the Americans”, soberly…

“The end”. A year after starting, the story is already over between Counterpointe Sports Group and Elan Béarnais. “The deed of transfer was signed by the Americans”, soberly commented this Friday evening the president of the club, David Bonnemason-Carrère. Which did not wish to make further comments, now anxious to prepare the passage of the club before the Appeals Chamber of the Federation, after the two refusals suffered from the National Directorate of Management Advice and Control (DNCCG) of the league.

“There is nothing signed yet”, still temporized in the early afternoon David Otto, founding president of CSG and, at this time, still owner of the Elan. The discussions which “started a little over a week ago”, according to Otto, have therefore succeeded, without his wishing to go into details: “What I can say is that we are going to lose money in this deal. »

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

Bayrou “optimistic”

The buyers, although this has not yet been formalized, are indeed the personalities who have been mentioned in recent days, with the former Minister of Sports and lawyer Thierry Braillard at the heart of the discussions and, in the front line, the president of Beautysané and Eat4Good, the entrepreneur Sébastien Ménard, also a municipal councilor of Biarritz.

“An important step has been taken”, reacted this Friday at the start of the evening the mayor of Pau François Bayrou. “At the end of this incredible period, the club no longer belongs to the Americans. It will be taken over by the French. With, at least initially, less budgetary power. But we saw last year that the promised budget was not necessarily respected. »

Despite the probable drop in the budget below 5 million euros, against 7.8 million announced for 2021/2022, this exit door brings hope for the club, hitherto promised a descent into National 3. Which would necessarily be synonymous with filing for bankruptcy. Before the appeal chamber, the Elan Béarnais will have new elements to present, guarantees, likely to reverse the trend. So to promote the rest of his story in the elite.


“I hope that the League and the Federation, which have feelings of respect and friendship for Elan, will accept its re-registration,” said François Bayrou. “From the contacts I have had, I am optimistic, but of course deliberations must be taken. “And for this to happen, the community will commit to Monday’s meeting, unlike the last community deliberations, where Elan Béarnais was not among the professional clubs supported.

Mean by this that the club, which will be represented in Paris by David Bonnemason-Carrère, its auditor and chartered accountants, will have in hand the document which will attest to the future support of the Pau-Pyrénées urban community. “I always said we would be there and we were. I do not intend to change our commitments but, on the contrary, to support them. Then, the idea would be to relaunch, for good this time, the virtuous circle. “My second hope is that other investors then join the club to strengthen it. But I am already thinking of the many former players I have spoken to, how happy they will be if this club that is so dear to them escapes relegation. »

” That’s a shame. We didn’t want that to happen, ”slid David Otto on his side. “There are a lot of opportunities, I continue to believe that, just like I believe in the CSG model. I would have liked it to work, there is a lot of disappointment on our side but we will continue to work on our projects. »

It will not be in Pau.

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