#BalanceTonInfluenceur: five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

#BalanceTonInfluenceur: five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

It’s a new hashtag that, in less than 24 hours, has propelled itself among the most used on social networks. Under the hashtag #BalanceTonInfluenceur, Internet users, especially on Twitter (more than 60,000 tweets were recorded in 24 hours), denounce the actions of certain Internet stars vis-à-vis some of their subscribers, especially people. feminine. The influencer Amaru, followed on TikTok and Twitch by hundreds of thousands of subscribers, is particularly targeted and is the subject of several testimonials.

How it all began ?

It is an influencer, Maxime Skye, who launched the hashtag #BalanceTonInfluenceur on Thursday evening. The young man had undertaken this initiative after, he said, having received testimonies from victims. “The time has come, tonight all these bad people on social networks are going to be denounced,” he wrote on Telegram Thursday evening, in a channel to which more than 120,000 people subscribe. And to continue: “I want all the people who have had serious things with influencers to put all their testimonies on the #BalanceTonInfluenceur. »

The hashtag #BalanceTonInfluenceur takes up the pattern taken regularly since #BalanceTonPorc, from the #MeToo movement, each time to denounce inappropriate behavior, sexual assault or even rape. In 2018, it was the hashtag #BalanceTonYoutubeur which became known to denounce the behavior of several stars of the platform. More recently, Mediapart published a long investigation concerning the science popularizer DirtyBiology, whose real name is Léo Grasset. There is talk of psychological and sexual violence and even rape by one of the witnesses.

Why is Amaru particularly targeted?

The influencer Amaru, by his first name Elias, best known on Twitch and TikTok, was the first targeted by the accusations on Thursday, even before the “official” launch of the hashtag. “I’m actually going to tell you a little about Elias, I don’t care if my account jumps”, writes Claire, under the pseudonym @pastaboxshawty.

In these tweets, the girl says that she was 15 at the time and he was “18 or 19” when she asked him to “reactivate” an old Twitter account where she had photos of herself naked, intended for her ex-boyfriend. friend only. He would then have recorded these photos before sharing them. “Later he asked me for details about my carnal relationship with my ex,” she adds, posting several screenshots.

Claire is not the only one to denounce Amaru’s behavior. In a tweet, another young woman, @purpIebabi, posted screenshots of a conversation she allegedly had with the influencer when she was 17. In this one, he tells his fantasy: “It would be to take advantage of a girl (sic) when she is in a state of unconsciousness”. “Sometimes I imagine I have a girl in my cellar (…) and I go down when I want to do very dark stuff”, he writes, also, according to the screenshots shared.

Another young woman, @r0np1ch, shared more screenshots of a conversation she allegedly had with Amaru. When this one tells him that she is 17 years old, the influencer replies: “Besides, your age is not my problem. You don’t have to be good. Others also spoke out about inappropriate behavior on Amaru’s part.

What happened next?

The launch of the hashtag on social networks led to a surge of testimonies against several influencers, more or less influential. One of these celebrities, well known on TikTok, is even targeted by an accusation of sexual assault on the sidelines of an evening bringing together other influencers, according to one of these testimonies.

Most of these accusations, however, suffer from a lack of evidence and the impossibility of verifying them. None of these testimonials mentions a complaint or any other legal proceedings. “Do not hesitate to make fake accounts so as not to end up with a trial in the ass (sic), then what I will do will be to reshare your tweets here”, Maxime Skye specified on Telegram, thus refusing to give itself the names of the influencers concerned.

No targeted influencer had officially responded to the charges on Friday. Contacted by Le Parisien, Amaru had not yet responded when this article was published.

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