Bakambu et Lirola proches de quitter l’OM ?

Bakambu et Lirola proches de quitter l’OM ?


According Africa Foot United, Bakambu and Lirola would also be pushed out, the two players could free up the club’s wage bill.

Bakambu and Lirola have struggled to convince Marseille management since their arrival last season. Bakambu has one of the highest salaries in the club and Longoria would like to find a way out for him. Lirola bought last summer after a convincing loan spell in 2021, failed to confirm under Sampaoli. Especially since the arrival of Jonathan Clauss at the right piston position condemns him to a substitute place.

The Congolese international (40 caps, 13 goals) has only shaken the net 4 times since his arrival in Marseille in 20 games, too few to hope to win in Marseille. Lirola, which has a market value estimated at €8 million per transfer market, could bail out the coffers of OM a little bit.

Longoria now takes care of departures

Igor Tudor would not count on the two players and Longoria would have asked them to find a way out. A few weeks ago Bakambu was announced for Turkey, where he has already played with Bursaspor. Regarding Pol Lirola, the player retains a good coast in Italy but no club has yet manifested.

After a strong rookie week with Luis Suarez, Clauss and Blanco, OM are now looking to cut back. Caleta-Car, Amavi and Kolasinac would also be on the start, as well as Bamba Dieng as indicated The Team and ProvenceEarlier in the day. Bakambu and Lirola, rather disappointing in the eyes of Tudor, should therefore leave Marseille this summer.

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“Bakambu? I think if he has an offer from Turkey he should go…” – De Bono

“I think if he has an offer from Turkey he has to go. I think for him and for us, for both. Because there he will be the king, because Bakambu with the salary he has at Besiktas, at OM he doesn’t play all the time, that would leave room for little Dieng if he stays at the club so that he plays a little more often which can allow him to express himself and have added value if he is on fire. We have to be clear if he has the opportunity to leave now, as he said Mathieu it will benefit both parties, OM and him. That is to say that maybe if he signs there, he will have a slightly longer contract with an honorable salary, he will almost be a starter there. I think that’s his interest too. And above all, it would give the opportunity, as I was saying to Dieng, to perhaps start a little more often or to come back more often and see his development, that’s rather more interesting for Marseille and for the player, c is that what you have to see a little bit, Bakambu what will he bring you back? While Dieng can bring you a lot of money! »Jean-Charles De Bono Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

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