Audiences: "Fort Boyard" terrace "Le Grand Quiz"

Audiences: “Fort Boyard” terrace “Le Grand Quiz”


Another winning Saturday for France 3’s fiction box. “Commissioner Magellan” is at the top of the audience, thanks to the 2.64 million followers of the commissioner played by Jacques Spiesser. The rebroadcast of the episode entitled “Mortel refrain” intrigued 17.1% of viewers watching television last night, in watch audiences according to Médiamétrie.
The previous rerun also topped the competition, with 3.11 million viewers and a 20.5% audience share of the total audience.

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France 2 ranks second with entertainment “Fort Boyard”, the game produced by Adventure Line Productions and hosted by Olivier Minne. The team, made up of Damien Thévenot, Camille Cerf, Isabelle Vitari, Théo Curin, Nicole Ferroni and Cindy Sander, set the winning record for the season in front of 2.24 million players. The audience share is 15.3% among individuals aged four and over (4+). The program dominates the commercial target of women purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50) with a market share of 25.4%.
Last Saturday, “Fort Boyard” had embarked 2.49 million adventurers, or 17.1% of viewers (28.2% FRDA-50).

Mannarino down sharply

TF1 follows with the game “Le grand quiz – Baccalaureate Special”, presented by Hélène Mannarino. 1.65 million viewers got caught up in this match between the different generations. Diane Leyre, Elsa Bois, Jérémy Frérot, Anaïs Grangerac, Daniel Russo and Caroline Diament thus tested their general culture in front of 10.6% of the public. The market share reached 17.3% on the female commercial target. The second part of the show, from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. convinced 1.56 million people (13.2% 4+).
On July 8, the return of the show convinced 2.64 million French people, which then represented 16.2% of the evening’s audience. “The Big Quiz” came out on top for female purchasing managers under the age of fifty with a market share of 26.6%.

M6 is at the foot of the podium with the finale of season 19 of “NCIS Special Investigations”, the American series with Katrina Law. The last two unreleased episodes attracted 1.31 million seriphiles, for an audience share of 8.6%. Fiction garners an 8.5% market share on the female commercial target. A season 20 has been announced by CBS.
Last Saturday, the two unreleased episodes were watched by 1.16 million viewers (7.7% 4+ / 7.3% FRDA-50).

As for the other channels, France 5 is in the lead with the magazine “Echappées Belles”, produced by Bô Travail. 1.15 million travelers embarked with Sophie Jovillard to discover the villages of the Basque Country (7.5% 4+).

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