ATP Cincinnati - Borna Coric bat Stefanos Tsitsipas en finale (7-6, 6-2) et remporte son premier Masters 1000

ATP Cincinnati – Borna Coric bat Stefanos Tsitsipas en finale (7-6, 6-2) et remporte son premier Masters 1000

It is the consecration of a resurrection. Borna Coric concluded his daydream in style on Sunday in Cincinnati where he won the first Masters 1000 of his career at the expense of Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final in two sets (7-6, 6-2) and 1h56 of play. he right shoulder a little over a year ago and 152nd in the world when approaching this week in Ohio, the Croatian has become the worst-ranked player to win a tournament of this magnitude. This exceptional performance – he beat five Top 20 including three Top 10, and among them Rafael Nadal – allows him to move up to 29th place in the ATP and become the top seed for the next US Open.

By taming the “Bull of Manacor” in the 2nd round, something must have happened in the head of Borna Coric. Because the Croatian surfed on the wave of confidence garnered thanks to his exploit against the Majorcan and he subsequently found the level which had made him the 12th player in the world almost four years ago. To be more exact, he even reached a new high in terms of quality of play, showing impressive confidence, even though the start of this final did not bode well for him.

ATP Cincinnati

Tsitsipas hits hard to reunite with surprise guest Coric in final


Tsitsipas, a brilliant start before impotence

Coric therefore never panicked, despite having conceded the entry break. It must be said that there could not be much, as Stefanos Tsitsipas started the drum beating part. Ultra-precise in service, offensive at the slightest opportunity and effective at the net which he stuck to as soon as he could, the Greek made an introduction of the type that a certain Roger Federer was fond of. Add to that a clever use of the backhand slice to try to prevent Coric from finding his rhythm, and the recipe for success seemed almost assured.

A lob back to the net in squash mode: Coric’s stroke of genius

Unfortunately for the Greek, Coric gradually adjusted to the raise, punishing twice for Tsitsipas’ serve-volley sequences when he was leading 4-2. The break followed and the Croatian then gradually took control of the exchanges. The volume and length of his strikes, especially in the backhand diagonal, gradually posed insoluble problems for his rival who began to retreat. Coric racked up the backhand winners along the line and went it alone in the tie-break gleaned 7 points to 0, definitely taking the reins of the match.

Borna Coric in the Cincinnati Masters 1000 Final against Stefanos Tsitsipas

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There was Djokovic in this Coric

Admittedly, the Croatian had a little scare by conceding three break points at the start of the second act (0/40), but Tsitsipas did not know how to take advantage of it. From then on, the conclusion quickly seemed inevitable. Constancy, precision in found areas and the quality of Coric’s recovery stifled the Greek. And this undermining work combined with an underestimated quality of service – which is reminiscent of a certain Novak Djokovic – ended up paying.

Coric thus offered himself the last four games of the game, dazzling with his qualities as a blocker (29 winning shots for only 14 fictitious faults) with some anthology points at stake, such as this backhand lob executed with one hand back to the net. “You are back among us where is your place“, greeted Tsitsipas during the trophy presentation. All these difficulties and the efforts to overcome them were well worth it. The Croatian will certainly be one to watch on the side of Flushing.

Borna Coric

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ATP Cincinnati

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