at France Télévisions "we are not in a budgetary logic, but editorial and social"

at France Télévisions “we are not in a budgetary logic, but editorial and social”

End of the national editions of France 3 as viewers have known them since 1986, launch in September 2023 of a new offer directly produced by the regional newsrooms, repositioning of Franceinfo on immediate news… In the turmoil after the vote, Thursday 30 June, at 80%, of a motion of no confidence against him, Laurent Guimier endorses from today an information reform carried by Delphine Ernotte. The president of France Télévisions was to draw the main lines on Wednesday July 6, during a press conference intended to present the programs for the start of the school year.

Why do away with the national editions of France 3?

What is disappearing are the national newspapers designed and presented from Paris for the regions. They are replaced by one-hour news sessions (lunch and evening) which include regional news, produced by the regional newsrooms, and national news, produced by the national newsrooms and Franceinfo channel 27. The master plan, the formula, the graphic charter, etc. will be common to the twenty-four editions.

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Is the disappearance of these editions the result of the merger of the editorial staff of France 2 and France 3?

Indeed. When we made this merger, we didn’t think enough about the meaning to give it: what kind of information offer for viewers did we want to use it for? Where the Franceinfo channel was peripheral, it is now from it that what is called the “hot news”for example the treatment of the Chicago massacre, which she will produce for her own antenna but also for France 3. Today, Franceinfo, France 2 and France 3 all make hot news, which causes duplicates. We want to delete them, in order to free up time for the experts of the national editorial staff who can carry out investigations and report.

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Called “Ici midi” and “Ici soir”, these newspapers take the name of the local information platform common to France 3 and France Bleu. Does this augur a greater rapprochement between the two media?

By bringing the Ici brand to the digital baptismal font, Radio France and France Télévisions have taken a very strong act of joint work on proximity, so we are accelerating this logic. Radio France not only has its place, but we would like public radio to cooperate, in all the forms that we are going to imagine together in the next fourteen months, in all these televised news segments. The teams know each other and work together on the territories, so we have a common interest in this participation – on interactivity, for example.

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