At Comic-Con, "Lord of the Rings" versus "Game of Thrones", an epic fantasy duel

At Comic-Con, “Lord of the Rings” versus “Game of Thrones”, an epic fantasy duel


CULTURE – Everyone places their pawns. With series with XXL budgets, the start of the new school year promises to be particularly exciting on the small screen for fantasy lovers.

This Saturday, July 23, the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), high mass of pop-culture, was not stingy with promotional content. On this occasion, the two streaming giants Amazon Prime Video and HBO fought a first remote battle, before the upcoming launch of their respective series. And this is the series from Lord of the Rings who unsheathed first with unseen first images of Sauron (complete with growls of Balrog), from the famous Hall H of the SDCC.

In the right corner, Dragon Housefirst spin-off from game of thrones inspired by the universe of George RR Martin. This Saturday, the HBO show responded to its rival from San Diego with new images and significant information: the series will have no less than 17 dragons. Slated for a worldwide release on August 21, this highly anticipated series will lift the veil on the past of House Targaryen, almost 200 years before the events chronicled in “GoT”.

Common synergy…

These two series will be released only two weeks apart: August 21 for Dragon HouseSeptember 2 for Rings of Power. A real duel from a distance against a backdrop of fantasy for the general public knowing that the weekly broadcast of the two series should make it possible to measure the extent of the phenomenon caused by the two giants of the small screen, as the weeks go by.

Two similar works to be released almost simultaneously, but whose common synergy could allow a certain emulsion around the genre of fantasy. An opinion shared by writer George RR Martin, when asked about the potential competition between the two series in the coming weeks.

“The more success we have in fantastic universes, the more likely we are to have great fantastic works”, he wrote on his blog, rather delighted at the idea of ​​seeing these two universes coexist.

… or fierce rivalry?

But the two broadcasters seem rather to be playing competition according to the release rate announced by Amazon Prime. The latter being rather accustomed to revealing several episodes at once before returning to the rhythm of one episode per week for these flagship series (as with season 3 of The boys early June).

Thus, with these eight episodes, the series Lord of the Rings, will unveil its finale on Friday, October 21, 2022, two days before the end of the series on the past of the family of Daenerys Targaryen, which has ten episodes. What eclipse (a little) the conclusion of the spin-off of game of thrones.

Fantasy fans still hungry will only have one more month to wait to discover the series willow on Disney + (which does not intend to be left behind in this way), series adaptation of a classic fantasy, adapted from the 1988 film by Ron Howard.

The cinema will not be left out

(Re)popularized by the series stranger thingsincluding role-playing Dungeons and Dragons was central to the initial plot of the Netflix series, the board game franchise offers itself a new film with an all-star cast (Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Pine and Justice Smith), surfing on this same fantasy trend .

Entitled Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves), this film, also presented during the SDCC unveiled its first trailer and seems to fully embrace the legacy of stranger things by its pop aspect, against a background of epic fantasy.

If the essential game of thrones went through it in the 2010 decade, stranger things and by extension Netflix now seem to have become a non-negligible vector of the return to favor of this genre on our screens. Latest examples, the film Thor love and thunder which flirts with fantasy pop inspired by the 80s, or the series project Black crystal: The Time of Resistance in 2019, extending the film’s story eponymous by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, released in 1982.

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