At 65, he marries a 12-year-old girl and passers-by are quick to react

This video, published by an American Youtuber, made the buzz on the Internet in 2016. On the latter, we can see an old man, aged 65, walking in the streets of New York with a little girl in his arm. A little girl, whom he has just, it seems, married. Behind this shocking scene, a strong message appeals to passers-by.

An effective denunciation thanks to a little girl

This video from a famous Youtuber has caused a buzz a few years ago in New York, and rightly so. Indeed, we see a man in his sixties in a wedding suit, accompanied by a little girl in a wedding dress. Both are walking in the street and are photographed on the famous steps of Times Square.

Everything suggests that the couple in question seems to have just come out of a marriage. Their wedding. However, this is just a simple message. In fact, it isa video edited from scratchwith actors. And this, in order to denounce the marriages imposed on children. A real scourge that concerns no less than 12 million girls in the world. They end up forcibly married every year to old men. Sometimes they’re not even 8 yet. The famous Youtuber Coby Persin thus had the idea of ​​mounting this fake wedding to observe the reactions of passers-by. A social experiment that aimed to better condemn these practices.

The video of the little girl with the old man

The video, released in February 2016, has been viewed no less than 23 million views on Youtube. We can first see passers-by curious about such an unusual and scandalous spectacle. However, very quickly, the shock can be read on their faces, passers-by are scandalized by the fate of the little girl.

Many people on the spot did not hesitate to confront the old man to explain to him that child marriage remains prohibited. However, this scene aims to do just that. Encourage questions from those present. Indeed, by presenting to passers-by a situation that may seem absurd to us. She opens reflection on the many little girls who get married young and without necessarily having the choice.

Married children, a global scourge

The consequences of this practice can be terrible for these young girls who see themselves forcibly married to much older men. They lose their childhood and immediately find themselves in an adult life. In many cases, these forced marriages lead to acts of violence. Violence even going as far as attacks on dignity. In the worst cases, some of the girls affected by these practices close to death due to pregnancy. Pregnancies that are complicated since the girls are far too young to carry children to term. They remain children themselves.

In 2012, the UN, United Nations, formalized the October 11 as the International Day of the Girl. This is partly thanks to the longstanding advocacy work of the NGO Plan International. This forced marriage, involving young girls, is still relevant and requires solidarity.

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