Arteta s’explique sur le départ de Nuno Tavares

Arteta s’explique sur le départ de Nuno Tavares


It’s official, Nuno Tavares is Olympique de Marseille’s seventh transfer window recruit. Mikel Arteta explained his departure.

For long weeks, Pablo Longoria tried everything to recruit a left side. First in discussion with Nuno Tavares, the president tried to bring in Darko Lazovic, a former Tudor player in Verona.

We think the best solution for Nuno was to leave — Arteta

Finally the Serb stayed in Italy and Pablo Longoria relaunched the file leading to the Portuguese left side. This departure did not seem to be on the right track for Arsenal. Several media claimed that the 22-year-old wanted to win at the Gunners.

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With the recruitment of Zinchenko, it seemed complicated for the former Benfica player to find a place in the rotation. Mikel Arteta was asked about it during a press conference and explained why he preferred parting ways with Nuno Tavares.

“Now it’s announced, it’s official. For the development of Nuno Tavares, I think it will be very important. We recruited Oleks (Zinchenko) in this position and we also have Kieran (Tierney) who are two really good and strong players in this position. And we think the best solution for Nuno was to leave.” Mikel Arteta – Source: Press conference (30/07/22)

He goes fast, he has quite a good left foot. It is quite versatile. – Diaz

“I know Nuno Tavares very well since on RMC Sport some time ago I commented on his first match with Benfica Lisbon. He was back right when he is a left-hander. He can play on both sides but he had played, in the beginning anyway, right-back then he also played left-back, that’s where he played the most with Arsenal. He’s a player who doesn’t really have full-back measurements because he’s very tall, a bit like Nordi Mukiele. He is very tall, very fast, very powerful. He has a technique, like any Portuguese player trained in one of the biggest training clubs in the world, Benfica Lisbon, which is still quite correct. He goes fast, he has quite a good left foot. It is quite versatile. Now I find and that’s maybe why he didn’t manage to definitively impose himself at Arsenal, in the last 30 meters, he can have a little messy side. He confuses speed with haste. That is to say that often he manages to make the difference by his technical and especially physical qualities but then for the last gesture it can end up in the stands. He is also capable of making decisive passes, he is a player who is still in post-training, who needs to chain the matches. It is an interesting profile for Olympique de Marseille. It’s a good idea by Pablo Longoria. I wouldn’t say it’s a required pass, but it’s a good idea. I know there is a good relationship between Arsenal and Marseille and so they have the last two Gunners left-backs with Sead Kolasinac for whom I predicted less success. In any case, Nuno Tavares, it’s a good idea. » Kevin Diaz – source: RMC (07/28/2022)

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