Après OM - Reims (4-1) / Igor Tudor sifflé par le Vélodrome mais pas rancunier : "Les supporters ont toujours raison"

Après OM – Reims (4-1) / Igor Tudor sifflé par le Vélodrome mais pas rancunier : “Les supporters ont toujours raison”

It was to be feared. With a very tense preparation, a probably disputed method and insufficient performances in preseason, Igor Tudor could expect a strange welcome from the Marseille public. It did not fail. When the announcer said his name at the announcement of the composition of the teams, a deafening volley of whistles descended from the bays of the Stade Vélodrome. Not enough to put Jorge Sampaoli’s successor on the Olympian bench in the best conditions for his first in Ligue 1 against Reims.

Tudor didn’t hear anything. At least that’s what he assured after the meeting when he was questioned about this very noisy bronca. “I didn’t hear them, because I was insidesaid the Croatian technician at a press conference. But the fans are always right, we play for them. There is no football without fans.” “I do my job, I give the besthad he already advanced a few minutes earlier on Prime Video. I’m glad to be here. The most important thing is the game and what happened on the pitch.”

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OM dispels its doubts


It was on the lawn that his team overthrew the Marseille public, even if it was above all Tudor who had stigmatized his hostility before the match. Intensity in the pressing, commitment in the duels, spirit of conquest, verticality, breadth and individual talent: OM put all the ingredients to bend Reims in a controlled first period and thus delight their supporters. “I’m happy because it was a clear and deserved victoryrejoiced Tudor. I liked the first half a lot, we pressed well and it was a good application of what we worked on in training.”

“The pressure is our life”

All was not perfect, however. Marseille appeared much less dashing after the break. He was put in more difficulty by a better organized and less passive Reims team. And he needed his rookie Luis Suarez’s double off the bench to protect himself from a return from the Champenois. Tudor did not fail to point this out. “I wanted it to continue in the second half, I would have liked us to score more goals so we have to workhe insisted. We must have 90 minutes which resemble the first half but we are happy, the players really gave what I wanted them to give.”

That the Marseille performance is not completely successful is not illogical. The Marseille club had to deal with the resignation of Jorge Sampaoli and his replacement by a technician with a totally different playing philosophy. OM still have work to integrate all the principles of Croatian. But this successful start gave positive signs in this regard. Especially in the tense context that accompanied this premiere. “The pressure is our life, whether for the players or the coach“, admitted Tudor, who had known that of Juventus Turin when he was a player.

It is also by his mental qualities in these delicate conditions that his team made a good impression for this first. They were greeted by a conquered public, who did not fail to push their team and pay tribute to them with songs and applause at the final whistle. This is above all what Tudor retained from the public at the Vélodrome. “I’m happy for the team and for the fans, who were amazing today“, he estimated. Hoping for a better reception in two weeks against Nantes. Possible. But if Tudor has something to remember from his first, it is that everything can change very quickly in Marseille.

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Hello the atmosphere: Tudor whistled by the Velodrome, Payet first victim of the Croatian


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OM, already under pressure


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