Après France - Pays-Bas (1-0) : 101e minute, moment suspendu : "Il a fallu toute la sagesse de Wendie…"

Après France – Pays-Bas (1-0) : 101e minute, moment suspendu : “Il a fallu toute la sagesse de Wendie…”


From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

There was a moment of hesitation. What was she doing so far from the ball, isolated in the central circle, as if foreign to what was being played in the opposing penalty area? Why the hell wasn’t Wendie Renard going to take the swell and decide the fate of these Blues by herself? After all, the regular penalty taker is her. The captain too. It is precisely this second function that changed everything against the Netherlands this Saturday (1-0).

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“Whether we hate it or love it, the results are there”: Deacon ends up seducing


99th minute: Clara Matéo is hit full axis. The playmaker is the type to see the game before everyone else and imagines that Kadidiatou Diani felt the perfect shot. His pass in the interval is a visual delight as much as a decisive offering. “It’s both instinctive and thoughtfulexplained afterwards the tricolor environment. I thought Kadi was going to make the call, I also saw calls on the left but I thought that with a pass closer to the goal, we had more luck so I tried to put it. It is materialized by a penalty so it is very good“.

Janssen’s fault on Diani

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Périsset: “Normally, I was number 2”

For the realization, we had to wait a little longer. The New York Stadium, largely won over to the cause of the Dutch, would have liked to move on. But the fault on Kadidiatou Diani could not go unpunished. “The referee goes to see the VAR, we are in suspense, we look at each other a little to find out if there is a penaltydescribed Charlotte Bilbaut afterwards. But the hardest part was putting it on. Eve did it very well“.

“Whether we hate it or love it, the results are there”: Deacon ends up seducing

Except it didn’t have to be her. At Les Bleues, penalties are for Wendie, an unspoken rule. After her failure against Belgium, she herself confirmed this hierarchy. So, what happened for Périsset to take charge of the most important kick in the history of this group? “Normally I was number 2confirmed the striker at the microphone of TF1. But we conferred with Wendie. There were some Lyonnaises who were in the Netherlands team. She asked me if I was OK to shoot and that’s it. The tactic worked well“.

Facing the Belgians, Janice Cayman’s advice had steered her door well. So there is no question of falling back into the trap. Not there, not now, not after all she had done for French football. “It took all of Wendie’s experience, professionalism and wisdom to let Eve take the penaltygreeted a Corinne Deacon who sought the right words to define the attitude of her captain. We have players who are named, but it is up to them to take their responsibilities according to their feelings. Tonight, I saw things in the collective that are very important for us“.

“This legitimate victory Corinne Deacon”

Everyone has responsibilities to take on this team.

However, just before Périsset set off, she saw her captain put his big compasses in motion to run towards the Dutch surface. Had she changed her mind? No, “Air France” simply came to clean up around its side before exchanging a few words with the referee. A model we tell you.

101st minute: Eve Périsset is faced with her destiny and holds that of the Bleues at the end of her foot. Before knocking, a huge inspiration. “I got a little pressure, I won’t hide it from youshe smiled afterwards. I didn’t have to change my way of shooting. I stuck to the basics and it worked tonight“. This time, the heroic Daphne van Domselaar could only touch the ball. 1-0 for the Blues and the road to the semis which finally emerges.

I did it for the teamcontinued the unexpected heroine of the evening. I was number 2, in the event of a penalty, I had to assume my responsibilities“. Afterwards, Bilbaut welcomed this founding moment perfectly managed by the Tricolores. Because everyone thought of the group and the best way to make it cross a course: “We are 23, everyone has responsibilities to take on in this team. We are not only 10 or 11 to play. We saw it at the end of the match with all these hugs, all these celebrations. It shows that the group is united and that everyone is important“.

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