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Anne Sila stabbed by her ex: “I have nothing to forgive”, unexpected revelations!

This singer, Anne Sila, was discovered on the show The Voice. She has so many stay in mind thanks to his voice and his frail physique. And even if she did not win the show, it opened great doors for her. But on the personal side, his life is not so rosy. In effect, a drama marked him forever. We’ll explaine everything here.

Anne Sila her debut

It was in 2015 that the singer Anne Sila stood out thanks to her voice. Even if Florent Pagny and Zazie were fighting over this talent, she still preferred to choose Florent Pagny, leaving her competitor in total disappointment. But later she was beaten by Lilian Renaud who had been a long-time crowd favorite.

But it does not prevent this slim young woman with a shaved head left a lasting impression. It is also thanks to this that the young woman was able to enjoy a great career. Indeed, we can find his voice in many big projects. Whether playing the role of Mary in the musical “Jesus, from Nazareth to Jerusalem”, or even in a live action. Indeed, she gave her voice to the character of Nala in Disney’s Lion King.

The drama of unprecedented violence

More than six years after launching her career, Anne Sila decided to try her luck again on TF1. This time she participates in The Voice: All Stars. And it is still alongside Florent Pagny that the young woman makes her adventure. But this time it will reach the final or she will win the tele hook. Thanks to this victory, his professional life took a new turn. What to give him courage after the drama she experienced in 2014.

It is in front of the cameras of 50 minutes Inside that Anne Sila confides. She thus declares some information on this drama in question. Thus, she confidesThe person I was in love with did a very delirious puffwhich is a mental illness. He gave me stab wounds. I had to deal with this physical and psychological pain”. And it was also at this time that the production of The Voice really wanted to see her on her show, but due to events she did not know what to do, still in shock.

The Voice, a light

Despite all this hesitation, Anne Sila ends up confirming her presence. IN reality it is thanks to the apologies of her ex and abuser that she ends up accepting. She then confidesI remember at the time, I was in bed a lot, because I had a lot of blows, and Emilie, from the casters of The Voice, called me often to ask me if I wanted to do the emission. It was a little earlier. Then there was the assault, and then she called me apologizing, saying, ‘I’m really sorry to have bothered youI won’t call you again. And that’s when I said, ‘No, but, you know what, I’m going to do the show because anyway, I lost everything. Who cares what, I’m going. And that’s how I got on set”.

Anne Sila goes on to say that “When I see him again, it touches me because I realize now how much it really saved my life to do that”. It is this event that made the young woman choose to shave “For the Indians, long hair meant keeping memories. It was my best friend Medhi who shaved them for me”.

Anne Sila, no hard feelings

But with Variation, Anne Sila confides in the current relationship between her and her ex. She states that “I may be surprised but I never thought I had anything to forgive him for, I quickly understood that it was an illness. Admittedly, there are plenty of different conjectures, but if today I had something to defend, it is that we must admit that there it is an uncontrollable pathology and not a deliberate act”.

After that, Anne Sila also adds “It was explained to me afterwards. I am lucky to have a father who works in this universe. In fact, I cling to the idea that it was a sick person, and that we need to take them seriously to help them get through it. However, what could be more destabilizing than to see your lover living such a nightmare?”.

However, Anne Sila decides to keep positive. “I know that in every trial of my life, I will do anything to get out of iteven if it takes time. It helps me a lot. And then, I tell myself that if I got out of this, I would get out of it all !

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