Anaïs Grangerac married to the seductive Damien: photos of her princess dress, very transparent!

Anaïs Grangerac married to the seductive Damien: photos of her princess dress, very transparent!



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Married to the handsome Damien since 2018, Anaïs Grangerac shares new photos of their wedding each year on the day of their union on Instagram. The opportunity to discover her magnificent dress, very sexy and very low-cut…

On August 29, 2018, Anaïs Grangerac lived the best day of her life. On her wedding day with Damien, her lover since 2013, the host shared photos of their magical union in Brittany on September 1, 2018, a few days after the ceremony.

Many of you have wondered about my absence on Instagram for a good week. I’m telling you now, I was just planning the best day of my life haha !” she wrote, her heart filled with love evoking “magical and indescribable moments…“Sublime in a long white dress decorated with embroidery, the pretty Métis appears on a swing with her husband, elegant in a black and burgundy tuxedo.

On September 12 of the same year, she shared another photograph of her satin dress with a long train. “Happiness // In its pure state. 3 weeks already…I don’t realize, I would like to be able to relive this day 10 times to pay my attention to all the details, not miss any of these moments and engrave all this love in me!“ she indicated, very in love with her husband.

Since each year on the same date, Anaïs Grangerac reveals images of her union with Damien, an attractive sports coach. “1 year ago to the day… the adventure of my life, my half, my Beauty, my love, my “best friend”, my favorite human, my pillar, my essential, my everything. So fulfilled. This photo perfectly reflects these 6 years by your side. So many more laughs to come“ she wrote on August 29, 2019 in the caption of a snapshot where we see her laughing with her husband.

29.08.2018 // My life. 2 years of marriage to my favorite human on the planet“ she indicated the following year, August 29, 2020 in the caption of a photograph where her husband embraces her tenderly.

In 2021, the former host had also celebrated the one she nicknamed her soul mate via a magnificent statement: “3 years. Happy wedding anniversary my obvious. My love. My half. My best friend. My confident. My rock. My beauty. My life. I promise, today I’m preparing your weight in wheat pancakes!“.

Became parents of a little girl named Mila on November 8, 2021, the lovers had shared the news on Instagram. “Mila – 08/11/2021. It’s time to share the news with you. The love of our lives was born Monday afternoon. My heart explodes: I gave birth, we have a daughter. I am a mother…Welcome my Mila.” she wrote in the caption of the first shot of her newborn.

Who knows, the couple may soon be able to expand their family in a few months?

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