Amandine Petit se confie sur ce qui a changé dans sa vie depuis son règne !

Amandine Petit: Her vertiginous neckline melts the web!

Being elected Miss France in 2021 had allowed Amandine Petit to connect with celebrity. Nothing, however, predestined the beautiful blonde to such a career. She had initially studied to obtain a BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations. This, after having attempted the nursing competition for the first time. She ended up succeeding in the latter thanks to a second attempt which had proved successful. It was finally at the IAE and Caen that the beauty queen that she was had followed a Master 2 Management of establishments and gerontological structures. A diploma that would have allowed him to obtain a management position in an EHPAD. Suffice to say that the level of culture of this former Miss France was such that it had allowed her to go far in the supreme beauty contest.

A pronounced taste for fashion

Like many French people in this summer period, Amandine Petit is currently on vacation. However, she turned her back on the Côte d’Azur, which is very popular with celebrities. The former Miss France had therefore gone to Normandy to enjoy the sun and the sea. She had to recharge her batteries before facing the particularly busy schedule that awaits her at the start of the school year. Many professional projects await him in a few weeks and we can say that it is not the partnerships that he misses. With the number of its subscribers which has increased tenfold since its election to the competition, it is necessary to believe that it is ultimately not the proposals which it lacks.

Amandine Petit will soon celebrate her 25th birthday and she is well on her way to achieving the level of notoriety of Iris Mittenaere in the media world. Already passionate about fashion before the Miss France competition, she has recently multiplied glamorous shots that highlight her pronounced taste for things that are both beautiful and simple. It is for example in a colorful bikini that she had recently manifested through a photo that she had posted on Instagram. Her curly hair with the sun shining brightly on her golden skin, you would have thought you were dealing with a mermaid, the result was so breathtaking.

The flashy side of Amandine Petit highlighted

The both sober and elegant side of Amandine Petit has in any case this time given way to a much more flashy look. What is most ideal in this summer period. This beauty queen had therefore opted for an apple-colored jacket with an original design. Which immediately drew the attention of Internet users to what she was wearing inside. The beautiful blonde had a fuchsia-colored neckline on her that contrasted perfectly with the bright hue of her jacket. Suffice to say that with such a combination of colors, it is difficult to miss it for miles around.

No less than 665,000 people now follow Amandine Petit on social networks. A growing notoriety which explains the fact that 16,485 people have so far liked this breathtaking photo. All this without counting the various comments collected by its publication and which had not failed to compliment it in relation to its proven beauty. It is definitely not for nothing that the pretty blonde had been elected Miss France in 2021. We are already waiting to discover new photos of her vacation.

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