Amandine Petit : Qui la remplacera si elle remporte Miss Univers ? Sylvie Tellier répond !

Amandine Petit: her ultra-sexy swimsuit raises the temperature!


Having participated in the Miss France contest was undoubtedly the best decision that Amandine Petit has taken. This beauty queen had indeed initially been elected Miss Normandy before representing her department at this prestigious competition. If she was already one of the favorites from the start of hostilities, it did not take long for her to stand out in the ranks of the members of the jury. Her election in 2021 didn’t really come as much of a surprise given her proven beauty. The pretty blonde has also put forward quite convincing projects in the event that she was elected to this competition. Suffice to say that she was therefore one of the most emblematic young women of this show, all generations combined.

Amandine Petit in a swimsuit

It has now been several months since Amandine Petit left her throne to Diane Leyre. This does not prevent him from being always so popular with his fans. It is necessary to believe that the number of subscribers of the young woman had increased tenfold in the space of only a few weeks. A completely normal tendency given the completely intriguing personality that she had put forward. The young woman in any case wanted to be transparent about her romantic situation at the time of her election. She had indeed answered positively to the question like what was she in a relationship at the time of starting her reign?

The charisma that shows on the face of Amandine Petit is undoubtedly what immediately attracted fans to her. It is enough to discover the smile that is permanently drawn on his face to conclude that he is a very charming and above all, warm person. The young woman also has this both sober and elegant side that makes absolutely all her particularity. Her way of dressing can certainly be sexy, she never goes beyond the limits. To sum up, you will never see this former beauty queen being called vulgar by her detractors. This particularly wise side, Amandine Petit has made it her strength and continues to use it wisely.

She raises the temperature

Amandine Petit was certainly somewhat eclipsed from the media world following her mandate, she is never far away. This magnificent video of her in a swimsuit during her vacation is enough to prove it. The young woman had accumulated so many compliments that we finally did not know where to turn. A surfer, for example, exclaimed that she was so beautiful in this bikini which went perfectly with the perfect blue of the background image. Another did not hesitate to compare her to a mermaid. Which is completely legitimate given her look that is both bewitching and sexy. Suffice to say that this time, the former Miss France had gone all out to curry favor with her fans.

This video of Amandine Petit had been posted barely 22 hours before the publication of this article. Enough time for it to attract the favor of its subscribers. The latter were so far almost 19,000 to have liked his shot and the trend is still on the rise. It is indeed clear that it was unanimous during his reign.

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