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Amandine Pellissard (Large families): one of her children is autistic? Heartbreaking testimony

The candidate of Large Families, Life in XXL recently delivered her secrets during a live Instagram organized on August 9, 2022. Amandine Pellissard notably confided in the disorders suffered by two of her children.

The family life of the Pellissards

From this Wednesday, August 10, 2022, the public has the opportunity to find the Pellissard family in ‘Les Pellissard à Saint-Tropez’, on MYTF1 Max. Amandine, Alexandre and their eight children joined the mythical city of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur for their holidays. All filmed by cameras belonging to the first channel.

An experience that is likely to be eventful. Internet users also have the possibility of following their adventures on the usual Instagram account. In addition, on August 9, during a discussion on a live Instagram, the mother of the family made a few confidences on two of his children.

The health problems of Amandine Pellissard’s children

Amandine Pellissard counts many followers on social networks. And this, since it was the subject of a discovery to the general public during the first season of Large families, life in XXL on TF1. Very close to its subscribers, it often organizes live discussions to answer their questions. The opportunity to discuss the health problems of two of his children, namely Hector and Charles. She then confided: They are followed by a neuropediatrician and a speech therapist. At the start of the school year, we see the neuropediatrician again to set up group psychomotricity sessions. They both have dys disorders”. Dys disorders are difficulty producing speech, understanding language, or using language in context to communicate.

Amandine Pellissard then indicated that she and her husband had suspected another disorder in Charles. She therefore concluded: We have doubts about potential autism spectrum disorders. It’s ongoing with the neuro “. Charles and Hector are not the only children of the Pellissard clan to have to face difficulties. In an other live interviewAmandine said that 10-year-old Lena also suffered from language problems when she went to kindergarten. She explained this problem to her community. ” She barely spoke and had very little vocabulary. (…) When you are told that your child is not like the others, it is always complicated “.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism is not a disease, but rather a developmental disorder of a neurological nature. There are chances that Amandine Pellissard’s son therefore suffers from this disorder. The main symptoms of autism present themselves in the form of impaired social interaction and communication and restricted and repetitive interests. These disorders can lead to inappropriate behavior in certain situations. These signs usually appear before the age of 3 years. The psychological characteristics of the parents cannot explain the child’s autism. It is therefore not necessary to look for a traumatic event or behavior that would have triggered it either.

The main symptoms autism include language and communication disorders, relational difficulties, repetitive behaviors or gestures… However, autism cannot be cured, because it does not does not correspond to a disease. Disorders can, on the other hand, decrease. Scientific advances allow us to learn more and more about ways to improve understanding and interaction. And this, with an autistic person. Today, there are approaches, in particular educational and behavioralthat allow children and adults to make progress. regardless of the severity of the disability. A probable solution for the son of Amandine Pellissard.

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