Amandine Pellissard

Amandine Pellissard “disfigured” by the injections? The Web shocked by his face!

Indeed, just like the others, the Large Families program offered by TF1 is on vacation. And the family of Amandine Pellissard too. They all set course for Saint-Tropez together to enjoy a dream vacation with family. And to keep subscribers informed, the mother shared some video clips from their vacation. But while it was to show the decor, it was not really the latter that caught the eye of Internet users. Indeed, the face of the mother of the family is at the heart of all conversations. We’ll explaine everything here.

Amandine Pellissard and her family

The Pellissards are among the most iconic families on the show and on the mother, Amandine Pellissard. Since her participation she has also become an influencer, in addition to her work as a mother of eight children. But this exposure And this job which make some people dream of a backlash. In effect, an anonymous person very often threatens this mother of family. Tired of this harassment, she decided to file a complaint with the police.

But in addition to this mystery stalker, Amandine Pellissard often comes in for a lot of criticism. Whether it’s about his education, his body, his tattoos, his desires… Everything is judged! And it’s a situation that weighs a lot on this mother who has an already hectic daily life. But if one of the subjects affects her more than the others, it’s his physique. Indeed, since she made money thanks to the show and her work as an influencer, she has given the right to make some changes.

Indeed, Amandine Pellissard has resorted to cosmetic surgery such as injections or even her desire to redo your chest. She then declares to Télé Loisirs “You always have people who judge you for everything and anything. You decide to redo your chest at 35 after having had eight children, it’s inadmissible… What do you want me to tell you? It happens to me, but really… There you go, we understood each other”.

His holidays criticized

But while Amandine Pellissard was having a great time with her family, she decided to share a very nice photo of her family having a good time. Alas, the wickedness of Internet users has completely ruined this photo. Indeed, under his post we find comments like “what did she do to her face ?”, “What is that?”, “What is this mouth? It’s ridiculous !”, “Nonsense!”, “And another failed plastic surgery”, “She is all swollen”, “She is disfigured”, “She got stung by a wasp?”, “Don’t tell me that her face, it is voluntary”. Very nasty comments that are neither constructive nor benevolent and which the mother of the family could certainly have done without.

But Amandine Pellissard knows it well, people always need to criticize everything, but even though she goes over it, on a daily basis, we can understand that can be heavy to carry. Unfortunately, that’s the burden that comes with fame.

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