Alone at sea, he is chased by a shark, a terrifying video worthy of “Jaws”!

To raise funds for the Brain Trust association, Jack Jarvis wants to achieve a hell of a record. That of crossing the Atlantic by rowing. A challenge that logically tested him, both physically and mentally. He found himself alone, for months, in the middle of the ocean. But this trip between Portugal and Miami could have taken a tragic turn. Indeed, Jack Jarvis was greeted by a white shark… which did not hesitate to follow him.

A shark comes to greet Jack Jarvis

It is to pay a nice tribute to his grandfather that Jack Jarvis decides to achieve this record. His grandfather died of a brain tumor. So he decides to make a crossing of 7,200 km, for a period of 111 days on the Atlantic.. Interviewed by the Daily Star, the one who is a soldier in professional life returned to his incredible experience. He begins by specifying that he saw incredible wildlife“.

When he talks about wildlife, he refers in particular to a white tip shark. This kind of shark can measure three meters in length. It is considered dangerous because of its territorial behavior. If he thinks the soldier represents competition, then he may be dangerous. Inevitably, this meeting marks the soldier. “It was almost like a Jaws moment“, he acknowledged.

The shark does not scare the very brave soldier

We necessarily imagine that an encounter with a shark is potentially terrifying. But Jack Jarvis preferred to see this experience from another angle. He even admitted to finding it exciting. Instead of making sure to get rid of the animal, he preferred to take out his camera to immortalize this unique moment.It was stalking the boat, I put my hand in the water and was able to take some good pics of it with my GoPro“.

The soldier explains that he did not feel in danger. He was always able to keep an eye on the predator and did not sense that the latter was hostile. Rather curious, he thinks. It reminds us that sharks are not bloodthirsty animals. They are more afraid of humans than the other way around. But the cult film, Jaws, played a huge role in the image that we have today of the animal. Jack Jarvis reminds us:

I felt pretty safe. I thought if he got any closer than I wanted, I’d just lift my hand out of the water and be safe on the boat.“.

Jack Jarvis met two sharks

The shark, after a few minutes stalking Jack Jarvis’ oar, decided to hit the boat. And a few days later, another shark did the same.

It hit my boat and the boat rocked and I knew it wasn’t a wave and that’s when I saw the gray outline of the marlin shark and then I started using the GoPro“. Once again, the soldier decides to take out his camera, he is not afraid. He took many photos throughout his crossing.

At the end of his journey, he was able to collect the handsome sum of 70,000 euros. This amount was donated to the charity which helps people who suffer from cancer and brain tumours. Jack Jarvis has won his bet, and thus pays a magnificent tribute to his deceased grandfather. The latter would, no doubt, have been extremely proud. Jack Jarvis can in any case be proud of himself. Because, in addition to having encountered amazing marine predators, he has crossed the entire Atlantic. It takes an incredible effort.

And finally, remember that sharks are not at the top of the food chain. Indeed, the latter fear orcas. They are the real queens of the oceans. As a group, they prey on sharks fleeing areas where killer whales are present.

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