Alice Detollenaere

Alice Detollenaere: her moving secrets about her life after her breast cancer!

Alice Detollenaere was Miss Burgundy, yet although nature has spoiled her in terms of beauty for health, it is not the same. Indeed, the young woman had to fight against breast cancer. Moral Consequences and physical of the latter on this former Miss are irreversible. That is why she confides in her life after this cancer which completely changed his life. We’ll explaine everything here.

Alice Detollenaere discovers her cancer

It was almost three years ago in 2019 that this former Miss discovered very sad news. Indeed, at this time Alice Detollenaere was diagnosed with breast cancer. And very quickly, the consequences of this on his body are shown. She sees herself in the obligation to have this cancer removed. But to get there, it is the whole that must be removed. Thus, the beginning of the year following this horrible discoverythe young woman undergoes a mastectomy. However, after making this sacrifice, Alice Detollenaere thought she was done with the disease and this cancer. But it was not. The young woman had a much more complex problem.

It turns out that Alice Detollenaere is carrier of a so-called altered gene. This then means that the cancer could come back on whoever is left. Thus, to avoid any danger, she undergoes a second and so last mastectomy. A very hard choice for a woman, especially for a Miss who knows how important the physical can be. But this young woman didn’t really have a choice. This recalls the choice other great people have done. Angelina Jolie also had mastectomies. It is therefore through a video on the social network Instagram that this young woman confides in this difficult ordeal.

The explanations

Indeed, on her Instagram, Alice Detollenaere lent herself to the game of a question and answer. So to satisfy the curiosity of her subscribers, the young woman decided to directly make a very explanatory video of her ordeal. She therefore explains this double mastectomy as well as the consequences it may have had on her everyday life. “What we don’t know scares us. The more we communicate about the ablation preventive of the mammary glands and more, it will become a trivial act. A message of benevolence shared by this former Miss.

Following which Alice Detollenaere goes into the details of the influence of this operation in her daily life. She first explains that of course, there is a big loss of sensitivity in this area. Then she approaches also the subject of the skinmovements. She also explains that you have to pay attention to everything and of course this fear of losing a part of femininity that she can’t find. Finally, she ends up saying that what changes is “our serenity”.

Positive reactions

Alice Detollenaere underlines it: it is indeed necessary to look at this experience “through the prism of luck”, and never forget that thanks to this she will not fall ill again. Soon the subscribers and fans of the former Miss Burgundy react. A lot of benevolence and positivity are seen in the message. “I love you ! Talking about it is a blessing for all the girls who will one day face this disease.“, ” thank you for your testimony ” or ” Cheer @alice_deto your words are sincere and impactful, all in accuracy and in candy”.

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